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Stag Party In Athlone

Quading in Athlone

The beautiful town of Athlone is located by the geographical heart of Ireland. If you view the town from the River Shannon, you will immediately notice that it has Athlone castle in its center. Besides being pleasing to the eyes, this city also has a lot to offer its visitors. In addition, since it is located at the center of Ireland, it is easy and convenient to go to this town.

Your stag night or stag weekend in Athlone can be a lot of fun. This town’s nightlife can be a lot of fun as there are a lot of nightlife establishments in this town. Though that’s true, one does stand out for being the oldest pub in all of Europe, Sean’s Bar. Sean’s Bar has been around since 900 and it has maintained excellent service and authentic pints of Irish brew for years.

If you decide to spend your stag weekend in Athlone, you might want to add certain stag do activities to make sure that no time goes to waste. Quading or four-wheeling can be the perfect daytime activity if you and your companions do not mind a little mud. It is certainly an awesome means to get around this town.

Paintballing in Athlone

Athlone, a beautiful medieval town in the heart of Ireland, is a popular tourist destination with the River Shannon flows through the whole town. The town proper is really beautiful with the Athlone castle at the town’s center. Lough Lee, the biggest lake on the River Shannon, attracts swimmers, birdwatchers, and anglers from all over the country and beyond.

As for the town’s nightlife, Athlone can boast of having the oldest pub in Europe according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Sean’s Bar dates back to 900 and no other pub can claim to be older than that. Besides having a historical pub worth visiting, stags that choose to spend their stag weekend in this town can also look forward to enjoying lots of other outdoor recreational activities aside from those mentioned earlier.

Paintballing is one of the most popular stag do activities in Ireland. It might even be the most popular stag do activity in all of Europe. That is not really shocking because many men dream of dressing up in camouflage and taking on a mission similar to a military mission… to eliminate the enemy. Of course, though that is the goal, all the safety gear will be provided and relatively harmless paintball guns will be used.

Go Karting in Athlone

Athlone is known as a town with a fairy tale like appeal because it does have a castle at its heart. Located at the heart of Ireland, being located 9 km from the geographical center, this town really is beautiful. In addition to having a castle in its center, it is surrounded by water as it is located along the River Shannon and near the southern shore of Lough Ree. In addition to its medieval and fairy tale like appeal, this town is also known as a great place for a cheap pint which makes it perfect for stag dos and stag weekends.

Most of Athlone’s residents are actually students which is why almost everything is more affordable in this town. As for its nightlife, you can expect the crowd to be mostly comprised of college students. Even so, the craic is mighty in this town. That means your stag night in Athlone will be a blast. If you plan to spend a stag weekend in this city, you might want to add certain daytime activities to make sure every minute counts. You can enjoy go karting in Athlone. Go karting has always been a popular stag do activity and it can be the perfect daytime activity for your stag weekend.

Clay Shooting in Athlone

Built on the River Shannon, at the center of Ireland, and known for having a castle at its core, Athlone is a popular stop for a lot of holidaymakers. Its location makes it easily accessible from virtually any part of Ireland. In addition, it is known for its lively nightlife, affordability, and sheer number of recreational activities that can be done in this town.

It is not so surprising that Athlone is now a popular stag do destination. Most of this town’s residents are college students which is why almost everything is more affordable in this town. Stags on a budget will find this town to be the perfect stag do or stag weekend destination for them.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of stag do activities that can be done in this city like clay shooting. Inanimate bird shooting or clay shooting is fun for a lot of stags that find it challenging to shoot small moving targets. You can even make it more challenging by staging a competition between you and your peers to see who hits the highest number of targets for a certain amount of time. So, if you need a fun daytime activity, try clay shooting in Athlone.

Buggy Racing in Athlone

Anyone who passed by Athlone on a pleasure craft knows how beautiful this town is. Situated at Ireland’s heart with the River Shannon passing through it, this town does have a wonderful view of the water. Adding to its appeal is the castle at the town center which gives the town a fairy tale-like feel.

This town is famous for having the oldest pub in Europe, Sean’s Bar, which has been serving the town’s locals and visitors since 900. Aside from this pub, there are a lot of other bars, pubs, and clubs within the town proper. Actually, the town’s nightlife, and the fact that everything else is more affordable, makes this town a popular stag do destination. A stag weekend in Athlone can be a lot of fun too as there are so many recreational activities to enjoy in town.

That will include buggy racing. As a stag do activity, this is one of the most popular. Buggy racing can be fun for the whole group because of the friendly competition and challenge that it provides. The level of challenge actually depends on the race track and buggies can provide that sideways action that most go karts are not really capable of doing.

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