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Quading in Carlingford

The perfect summer holiday destination for its sandy beaches, beauty, and medieval charm, it is not so surprising that Tommy Maken was inspired enough to write a song about it. Since it is a great setting for any getaway, the town of Carlingford became a popular stag do location as well particularly for stags that long for the sea and appreciate history.

If all that is not enough, this town also has a good number of the best beer gardens and clubs in Ireland. Stags can expect to have a wonderful time at night too or have a stag night that’s truly worth remembering. Choosing to have a stag weekend in this town will have a lot of perks.

Besides lazing around by the beach and enjoying beach related activities, you can also enjoy a number of stag do activities during daytime. Quading or four-wheeling in Carlingford can be one of those activities. A quad bike is meant to be able to handle all sorts of terrain. That means you can enjoy quading by the shore or any other part of the town. Aside from being a great and fun way to fully explore Carlingford, quading is also one of those stag do activities that will be a lot of fun no matter how many people you have in your group.

Paintballing in Carlingford

Carlingford, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Ireland, is a popular tourist destination because it managed to preserve its historical buildings. There are a number of buildings and streets all over town that have been around since the Middle Ages. Those well-preserved age old structures are the reasons why this town continues to have its charm and appeal. Its sandy beaches only intensify that appeal as this town is known as a haven for anglers and those that love water sports.

In addition to having tourist attractions worth seeing, this town also has a vibrant nightlife. There are so many pubs, clubs, and bars in town featuring different music genres, entertainment, pub fare, and spirits. Its nightlife is reason enough for many stags to choose Carlingford as their stag do location.

Stags might even prefer a stag weekend in town as opposed to a stag night because it allows them to make the most out of their last moments of freedom. Even if a stag weekend is not really enough to experience everything this town has to offer, the key is choosing the best stag do activities the whole group will enjoy. Paintballing in Carlingford can be a memorable experience as this town also has beautiful outdoors that will serve as the perfect setting for any battle zone.

Go Karting in Carlingford

Carlingford, a medieval town that can take you back in time, is now a popular stag do destination for stags that love history and those that long to be close to the sea. This town is known for having medieval streets with Tholsel Street being the most popular one. History buffs will also fall in love with this town for its well-kept friaries, castles, and other age old architectural structures.

Though Carlingford is popular for its ambience or medieval feel, there are so many things to do in this town aside from sightseeing. It also has beautiful sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Stags that love water sports should consider spending a stag weekend in this town.

Stags can enjoy a lot of stag do activities in Carlingford. The most popular ones are go karting, quading, clay shooting, and paintballing. Go karting is an all-time favorite and go karting in Carlingford can be a lot of fun for stags that have a need for speed. This particular stag do activity is popular because it is a lot of regardless of your group’s size. What’s more, it becomes more rewarding with some friendly competition. Just make sure there are cool prizes up for grabs!

Clay Shooting in Carlingford

Carlingford is one of the best holiday destinations for those that enjoy being by the beach. Compared to the other coastal towns in Ireland, this town has an edge because it has the power to take you back in time. In addition to being situated by the sea, this town is also known for being a charming medieval town with a lot of architectural structures and narrow streets that have been there since the Middle Ages. History buffs have a good reason to fall in love with this place. Those that love the sea will fall in love with this town as well.

Those are two reasons why some stags choose Carlingford as their stag do location. If spending a relaxing time lazing by the beach appeals to you, you might want to have your last night of freedom in this coastal town. If you’d rather soak in the medieval ambience and feel how it was like to live during the Middle Ages, this town is also the perfect destination for you.

Actually, a stag weekend in this town will be better as it will give you more time to fully explore the town and experience most of what it has to offer. For a stag do activity, try clay shooting in Carlingford. Some stags find it fun to handle a shotgun. More importantly, it is a great way to spend time with your closest mates.

Buggy Racing in Carlingford

With its sandy beaches, Carlingford attracts a lot of tourists during summer. Though you will see more people in this town during summer, this town in County Louth certainly draws all sorts of visitors all year round for different reasons. There are a lot of reasons why people fall in love with this town. Some of their reasons will include this town’s sandy beaches, well-maintained medieval buildings and streets, beautiful countryside, and lively nightlife.

Now, knowing all of that, it comes as no surprise that some stags choose to go to Carlingford to celebrate their last moments of freedom. A stag night or stag weekend in this town can be an experience of a lifetime. During the day, you and your companions can enjoy the beach or other stag do activities. At night time, you can look forward to experiencing this town’s nightlife.

If you need ideas on what to do during the day, the best stag do activities you can enjoy in this town will include golfing, horseback riding, laser combat, kayaking, zorbing, rock climbing, go karting, clay shooting, quading, paintballing, and buggy racing. Buggy racing is incredibly fun and thrilling with all that sideways action as you race to the finish line!

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