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Go Karting in Carrick on Shannon

Carrick on Shannon is a popular stag do destination especially for stags that love to fish. Be that as it may, there are lots of other stag do activities to enjoy in Carrick on Shannon. One of these will be go karting. Stags can even stage a friendly competition for the one who gets to the finish line first!

Stags that have a need for speed to get their adrenaline pumping will enjoy go karting in Carrick on Shannon. This stag do activity can take place indoors or outdoors. Equipped with all the necessary safety gear, you and your mates can drive a go kart that can go up to approximately 60 miles per hour. The level of challenge actually depends on the race track as there are certain race tracks that have more twists and turns than others.

Paintballing in Carrick on Shannon

A relative small, but beautiful town, Carrick on Shannon’s wild outdoors is one of the best places to enjoy paintballing. Though this town is more popular as a fishing destination, there are other outdoor recreational activities to enjoy during you stag do or stag weekend like paintballing.

Test your sharp shooting skills against each other and bring it to the battle zone. Paintballing is a fun activity regardless of the group’s size. There are indoor or outdoor paintball facilities in Carrick on Shannon that can provide a true military feel with watch towers and lots of other hazards. Shoot your mates without fear as paintball guns will just splatter paint all over them. May the best team win!

Quading in Carrick on Shannon

Carrick on Shannon, county town of County Leitrim, is relatively small compared to other Irish towns. Even so, it does have an ace up its sleeve compared to other towns as this town has 41 lakes within a 10 km. radius from its town center. In other words, this town possesses scenic views and beautiful outdoors.

Stag do or stag weekends may vary depending on the stag’s preference. Even so, there are just some activities that a lot of stags seem to prefer. Quading is one of those stag do activities. Quading or four wheeling in Carrick on Shannon can be a lot of fun for men who do not mind the mud that goes along with it. Driving a four wheeler on muddy terrain is challenging and provides that sense of adventure that a lot of stags seek.

Buggy Racing in Carrick on Shannon

Host of the annual Water Music Festival which draws lots of tourists from near and far, Carrick on Shannon is a town that really has a lot to offer. With forty one lakes close to its town center, it is also popular for hosting lots of national and international fishing competitions. Aside from fishing and other water sports, this town is also a great place for buggy racing.

Buggy racing is one of the most popular stag do activities because friendly competition can be a lot of fun. Furthermore, this sort of activity can be challenging as well because most people usually buggy race near swamps and on muddy terrain. Due to its bodies of water, Carrick on Shannon is one of the best places to fully experience buggy racing. Buggy racing is an awesome way to spend the day for your stag weekend.

Clay Shooting in Carrick on Shannon

County Leitrim’s county town, Carrick on Shannon is perfect for various outdoor recreational activities. That is one of the reasons why it is a popular stag do destination. Of course, its lively nightlife only adds to the appeal.

Though hunting is legal in some areas and during certain seasons, you can’t really hunt whenever you want. There are licenses, rules, and regulations to be followed. That’s not so bad because you can actually get the next best thing through clay pigeon shooting.

Test your accuracy and shooting skills by hitting as many clay pigeons as you can within a certain amount of time. There are enough wide open spaces within Carrick on Shannon for safe clay shooting.

Laser Combat – Carrick On Shannon

Laser Combat……….Self Catering.……….Nightclub

Laser Combat

Laser combat has taken Europe by storm. This sport is much like paintball except you won’t be left in aching pain after it. These special guns can fire at ranges up to 100m with a variety of weapons to choose from. Laser combat is a brilliant game full of adrenaline but this adrenaline has to be controlled or it wont be long before your enemy is secretly shooting you from a distance.

Self Catering Accommodation

We choose all our accommodation venues very carefully to ensure that you are in a very central location. Pubs, clubs and restaurants are always close by. All our self catering accommodation are clean and modern.

Nightclub Entrance

Finish off the night by hitting the dance floor to bust off your best moves. We pick the best clubs in town so your left with no guess work. These clubs are usually the destination for plenty other hen and stag parties so your group will fit right in. Music varies in all our clubs.

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