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Quading in Kilkenny

A stag party or stag weekend in Kilkenny will undoubtedly be fun because this city really has a lot to offer in terms of stag do activities, alcohol, and nightlife establishments. Of course, stags staying for the weekend will want to make the most out of their stay and that means choosing certain stag do activities to enjoy during the day. Among the most popular stag do activities in Kilkenny is quading.

Quading or four wheeling is a fun activity for stags mainly because it involves driving a powerful 4×4 vehicle across rough terrain. That is actually challenging and fun for a lot of men which is why it is on the list of popular stag do activities.

Paintballing in Kilkenny

Kilkenny appeals to stags as the ideal stag party or stag weekend destination for a number of reasons. Needless to say, this city is beautiful with its collection of medieval architecture and cobbled streets. To add to that appeal, Kilkenny is known for brewing beer for centuries. As a matter of fact, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale’s recipe was traced as far back as the 14th century.

What’s more, this city can offer so many stag do activities for stags that plan to spend a day or a weekend in the city. One of the more popular stag do activities in this city will be paintballing. Though Kilkenny is actually an urban area, there are still areas that are perfect for paintballing.

Enter the indoor or outer battle zone and enjoy paintballing in Kilkenny. Paintballing is a popular stag do activity mainly because its military feel appeals to a lot of men. Stags that enjoy first person shooter games will definitely enjoy paintballing. This activity can be an enjoyable, but not so dangerous, experience for stags regardless of the group size.

Go Karting in Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a beautiful medieval city that has become one of the top stag party destinations in Ireland because it certainly has a lot to offer. Besides being a charming location, it does not lack daytime stag do activities to engage in. This ensures that not a day goes to waste if you’re in the city for a stag weekend. At night, there are more than enough nightlife establishments for a night drinking, dancing, or pure fun.

This city does not lack stag do activities to enjoy either. Stags that enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with driving at fast speed will enjoy go karting. It is an activity that fans of the Stig might really enjoy! Besides, most men enjoy driving at fast speeds which is why go karting is one of the most popular stag do activities.

Clay Shooting in Kilkenny

Kilkenny is known as a beautiful medieval city with lots of nightlife establishments with great craic. That is why it is among the top stag do destinations in Ireland. Besides its beauty and lively nightlife, Kilkenny is also known as the home of Kilkenny beer. Stags that love beer will definitely have a great time in this city. Those who choose to spend a stag weekend in this city will not regret their decision either as there are so many fun filled activities to enjoy like clay shooting.

Clay shooting, also known as Inanimate Bird Shooting is a great alternative to hunting. Hunting is restricted by licenses and seasons, but clay shooting is not. Yet, it provides the same level of challenge as hunting normal pigeons. At the same time, it is a greener alternative as no pigeon actually gets killed. In Kilkenny, you can stage a friendly competition among you and your companions and enjoy clay shooting.

Buggy Racing Kilkenny

The city of Kilkenny is one of the most popular stag do destinations in Ireland. In addition to its medieval charm, it has a lively nightlife. For stags that plan to spend a stag weekend in this city, there are so many stag do activities available in Kilkenny. One of the most popular activities is buggy racing.

Buggy racing can actually take place in all sorts of terrain. It can even take place indoors or outdoors. That is probably why buggy racing is a popular stag do activity. More adventurous stags can always race across muddy terrain to make it even more challenging.

Quad Biking Kilkenny – 1 Night

Quading……….Double Room……….Nightclub


Take to the dirt tracks in these all terrain machines. This event will usually last up to one hour. During this time you will come to grips in crossing rivers, climbing and descending on some very steep slopes. Tracks are spread across hundreds of acres of woodlands and fields for you to venture.

Indoor Shooting

This is a simulated shooting range where you really find out how good of a shot you are, because the computer will tell you. Your every move will be judged and marked upon as you throw the gun to your shoulder to try and hit the targets. Use this vital information to improve your shot and it wont be long before your getting more steady and blowing your targets out of the 3D sky.

1 Night – 3* Accommodation

We choose all our accommodation venues very carefully to ensure that you are in a very central location. Pubs, clubs and restaurants are always close by. Rooms are either double or triple and all are en-suite. Most of our accommodation outlets have there own bar and some with a residents bar to provide you with night long drinking. Breakfast is always included for your stay.

Nightclub Entrance

Finish off the night by hitting the dance floor to bust off your best moves. We pick the best clubs in town so your left with no guess work. These clubs are usually the destination for plenty other hen and stag parties so your group will fit right in. Music varies in all our clubs.


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