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Quading in Mullingar

It is not so unusual for Mullingar to be chosen as a stag do destination. After all, stags that enjoy fishing know that Mullingar is one of the best places to fish in Ireland. Mullingar is actually famous for its three lakes, beef, beautiful countryside, and nightlife. All that makes it an ideal stag do destination.

One other reason that makes this town perfect for a stag night or weekend is the fact that there are lots of recreational activities to enjoy in this town. Those are recreational activities that are great for those who are in town for the weekend. By choosing to engage in certain activities during the day, you can make the most out of your stay in Mullingar.

One of those activities will be quading. Riding a quad bike, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or four-wheeler can be a lot of fun. Besides being a great way to see Mullingar’s beauty, it also provides a challenge because it can be quite difficult to get past certain terrain and to control the bike itself. Men with a sense of adventure will definitely enjoy quading in Mullingar. The experience itself can be enough to make that stag weekend in this town memorable.

Paintballing in Mullingar

A lot of people usually visit Mullingar because of its lakes – Lough Ennell, Lough Lene, and Lough Owel. Its lakes are a regular favorite of some anglers. The beauty of this town and its lakes are actually immortalized by James Joyce, an Irish author, who used to frequently stay in this town.

Along with being a popular holiday destination for anglers, Mullingar is also fast becoming a popular stag do destination. Most of the people who have been to this town can even say that it has the best beef steak in Ireland. After all, this town used to be well known for its cattle lands too. A stag weekend in Mullingar can be relaxing and fun at the same time. During the day, there are various daytime stag do activities to enjoy. When the evening comes, you and your companions can sample the town’s nightlife.

One of the best daytime stag do activities you can enjoy in this town is paintballing. This stag do activity really is a lot of fun no matter how many you are in your group. Needless to say, lots of men enjoy gearing up in camouflage, strategizing, and eliminating the enemies. As eliminating goes, nothing really gets bruised except their ego as paintball guns will only splatter them with paint.

Go Karting in Mullingar

The Heart of the Lakeland, Mullingar, is known for having beautiful country scenery, the best beef in Ireland, and its neighboring lakes. Those neighboring lakes made this town a popular stop for anglers. That is why it is not so surprising that this town is also one of the most popular stag do destinations in Ireland.

Though it is a relatively quiet country town, it does have a nightlife which means you can even have a memorable stag night in this town. There are more than enough pubs, bars, and clubs within the town proper and beyond to ensure that you can have the time of your life. Besides fishing, there are actually lots of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy in Mullingar during fair weather. When the weather isn’t fair, there are other indoor recreational activities to enjoy as alternatives.

Go karting is one of those activities. It is also a good thing that this particular recreational activity can take place indoors or outdoors. This is actually a very popular stag do activity as most men enjoy driving at really fast speed. At the same time, it becomes more challenging and exciting because the race track usually provides the challenge with its twists and turns.

Clay Shooting in Mullingar

Despite being a somewhat quiet town, Mullingar certainly appeals to people of certain interests. Anglers love it for its beautiful lakes that always have more than enough fish to go around. Those who love eating beef will love it for having the best beef steak in the country. At night, the town is also quite alive and there are plenty of nightlife establishments for great craic.

Instead of just spending a night in town, make it a weekend. A stag weekend in Mullingar can be a lot of fun because there are more than enough activities to keep you occupied during the day. Of course, when the evening comes, you can get a taste of this town’s nightlife. There are certain activities that are considered popular stag do activities and clay shooting is one of them.

Clay shooting or inanimate bird shooting is a popular sport for those who enjoy testing the precision and accuracy in shooting a moving target. For groups, it can even be a sort of competition to see who shoots down the most clay pigeons for the duration of that activity. Clay shooting in Mullingar can be a lot of fun. Furthermore, it is a great way to spend the day or before the nighttime comes.

Buggy Racing in Mullingar

Mullingar’s countryside was made more famous because of James Joyce’s novels – Finnegans Wake, Stephen Hero, and Ulysses. He used to frequent this town and wrote about it in a couple of his novels. Mullingar really is famous for its lakes as these are frequently visited by anglers. In addition, it is known for having delicious beef steak because, in the past, this town was also known for its cattle lands.

Now, this town is also a rather popular stag do or stag weekend destination. Though most people would go to Mullingar to rest and relax, it does have a number of nightlife establishments which will be perfect for your stag night. In addition to fishing, there are lots of other recreational activities to enjoy in this town to boot.

One particular activity that has become popular for stags is buggy racing and off-road buggy racing can be an unforgettable experience. The race track usually makes it a challenging, but awesome driving experience. Buggy racing provides a rough, fast, and furious ride for thrill seekers. That is why stags love it. A stay in Mullingar can provide the best of both worlds. Stags can get that rush of adrenaline they seek and, afterwards, they can still have a relaxing time in this relatively quiet town.

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