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Sligo Location FAQ

Accommodation Details:

Sligo Accommodation Details

a.What’s the arrangement with your Hotel Accommodation?

We usually book our groups in a twin sharing/double sharing room. There may be some instances where we can book them in triple depending on the availabilities of the rooms and at the request/consent of our groups.

b.Can you book one of our members in a single room? He doesn’t want to share with someone.

Yes we can book him into a single room only. However, this will cost him an extra.

c.Where is its location?

All our accommodations are centrally situated in the different locations we cater. It is close to all the amenities the group might need. Our Self Catering Apartment Providers in Sligo are close to a local pub and restaurant to cater your food and drinks.

Transport Details:

Sligo Transport Details

a.Do you provide Transport Service?

Stagit.ie do not provide Transport Service for the groups. We can book them on your behalf with a third party transport service provider.

b.How much does it cost?

Cost is separate from the package price and it depends on your group size. The bigger the group, the cheaper the price of the transport service.

c.How does it work? What’s the arrangement?

The Bus Service only covers transport from the Accommodation to the Activity Centre and back. The payment is to be made to the driver on the day of pick up.

Activity Details:

Sligo Activity Details

a.Where is the activity located?

Our activity provider varies according to the type of activity. It can be as far as 40 minute drive and as close as a walking distance from your Accommodation.

b.Are there any pampering package?

Currently we do not have any pampering packages available in our locations. We do provide other top class Hen Packages for your group.

c.What sort of activity does artsy hen provide?

Artsy Hen will provide your group a Male Painting Session. At first the Model will be fully dressed and once every member gets a hang of it, he will take off his clothes bit by bit until he is fully naked. It will surely give your group a good laugh and a great time.

d.Where is the finger food located?

Finger Food Provider is located in a local pub which is Central in Sligo.

Package Details:

Sligo Package Details

a.Why does the quote cost more than the one in the webpage?

Although we are operating at a low cost margin we still provide top quality service to all of our clients no matter how small or big their group is. If there are any price adjustments with our suppliers we are constrained to pass them to our groups.

b.Will someone from Stagit.ie meet us there?

We will provide you an itinerary so that your group will have all the time they’ll need. We are not one of those party organizers who rush up our group in their activities. You’ll have full discretion on how and where you spend your time during the whole weekend party. Just keep in mind that our activities have specific time and our suppliers are strict in imposing them.

c.Can we do two activities?

We usually do not advice our groups to do two activities in during their weekend party, especially if they are going to do both activities on the same day. However, there are some packages we’ve especially arrange to cater this, so please have a look in our site for more details. If you have a particular activity combo in mind, hit the enquiry button and we’ll help you in the best possible way we can.

d.I saw a particular activity in the site, why don’t you have a quote for them?

Stagit.ie is an evolving business. We are constantly looking for the best packages to offer to our groups at the best affordable price giving more value for your money. In line with this there may have been a few packages we cater before that we do not hold now as we see them unsuitable for the groups who have them experienced before. We’ve been constantly updating our site and we will take out those packages we’ve missed and add new ones which will give you the best weekend party your group will ever have.

e.If we pay the deposit, will you give us information on our package? Why is it so?

Once your deposit is paid, we’ll give you a detailed itinerary which will give you a good view of what is stored for you in your weekend party. It will contain all the necessary details of your accommodation, day and night activities and other important information your group will need.

Online Group Management Details:

Sligo Online Group Management System Details

a.Can you adjust our Group Size?

Yes we can adjust them. Just inform us two weeks ahead of time so that we can update our suppliers accordingly.

b.How can a member pay on your site?

Once we’ve confirmed and secured your group’s booking, we’ll send you a link you can follow so that you’ll have access to your personalized page. Once you’re on our page, you can simply add your group member in our site and our online group system will take care of the rest. It will send login details to your members so that they can view the details of your weekend party. It will also enable them to choose and pay for their individual package.

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