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online group system

Organising your stag or hen is never easy. You have to see whos going and try get all the money together, so it’s a bit of a headache. Not anymore!

Stagit.ie sets up all groups with their very own personalized website. This website is set up for your group only.

Whats does this mean to you?

  1. All the guys can login and pay in there own time.
  2. You don’t have to meet anyone to get depsoits or chase people. (we do it for you J )
  3. You can sedn out email invites to all the party.
  4. You can track to see who has paid and when they paid 24/7.
  5. You can easily communicate with everyone in the group and stagit.ie event manager.
  6. Print off all your itinerary details.

Organsing a hen or stag has never got easierAll you do is login, invite all your friend and we take care of the rest. Everyone can login and pay for there packages, print itineraries, look at maps for directions, chat to the rest of the group, see who else is going. It really is the best invention in the world.

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