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Ride the Popemobile for Your Stag Do in Ireland

What’s the hottest way to drive around during your stag do in Ireland? Right now, it is the Popemobile used when Pope John Paul II paid a visit to the country back in 1979. Proudly made in Ireland, as this mobile was built in Cork, it is now the most popular mode of transportation for stag dos.

Most people would think that this vehicle would be in a museum right now. However, when Paddy Dunning acquired the Dublin Wax Museum and this popemobile, he decided to rent it out. He did spend $75,000 to resurrect this particular vehicle. It is now fully functional and upgraded with a Mercedes Benz chassis.

Drive Around in a Popemobile

Since the popemobile can accommodate 15 people, it has become a popular vehicle for stag and hen parties. By renting this vehicle, group members do not really have to take separate cars to get around town.

Anyone who is spending their last moments of freedom in Dublin can rent this unique vehicle. According to its owner, Mr. Dunning, this is not just rented out for stag and hen parties. In fact, it can be useful for all sorts of private parties like debutante’s nights and other such parties.

This fancy taxi comes at a fancy price, but for some folks, it is definitely worth every penny. It can certainly make any affair more memorable. This can be rented out at €300 per hour and VAT still needs to be added on to that price.

Visiting the Capital of Ireland

Dublin has long been a popular hen and stag party destination. With over 600 pubs and more clubs, it is one of the cities to party hard. So, if you are having a stag or hen party in Dublin, you now have the opportunity to drive around in a fancy taxi that can accommodate your whole group. See the sights or go pub crawling. For sure, the people’s eyes will be on you.

Those who will be visiting the capital city of Ireland for the first time might also want to see the sights and just use the popemobile for that purpose. A lot of people are at odds that such a vehicle will be rented out for stag parties that can get rather wild. Still, Dunning’s promotional package lists a lot of potential uses. He even plans to get sponsors that will drive it around as a “hopemobile.”

Partying at the Capital City

Dublin has a lot more in store for stags and hens that stay for the night or weekend to celebrate their last moments of freedom. Besides its vibrant nightlife and music scene, Dublin also offers lots of activities that can make those last moments truly memorable.

With lush golf courses, challenging go kart race tracks, wide open spaces for clay shooting and buggy racing, stags can easily find fun activities to enjoy during the day. Of course, at night, Dublin’s nightlife is something worth looking forward to. The choice is yours… go pub crawling or choose a particular venue to drink and party all night!

Awesome Mobile Phone Apps for Your Hen or Stag Do

Technology certainly makes it easier for most of us to get by nowadays. Some folks would even say that certain electronic devices have become indispensable. Mobile phones are definitely one of those indispensable gadgets. These gadgets, with the right applications, can even be useful for your stag do.

Now, if you are having your stag do soon and happen to have a smartphone, these are some applications that you might want to download beforehand. For sure, no matter where you go, such applications can help you make the most out of your last moments of freedom.

Weather Apps

Stags that plan to enjoy a number of outdoor recreational activities during their stag weekend will find a phone application with a weather forecast feature quite useful. By using one, you can easily avoid certain dangerous situations.

If a storm is brewing, or if it rains, rock climbing, hiking, and other outdoor recreational activities can be more dangerous. With an app that warns you beforehand, you can then change your plans and enjoy indoor activities instead.

Find My Friends

iPhone users have a good advantage. If everyone in the group is using an iPhone, the Find My Friends application will come in handy. During your stag night or stag weekend, you can easily lose track where certain mates are. This application can help you find them.

NHS Direct

In case anything goes wrong, the NHS direct application will be useful for anyone spending their last moments of freedom anywhere in the United Kingdom. You will never know when you need medical help and stag parties can get quite wild. So, make sure to install this application just in case.

City Travel Guide

Having access to a travel guide can certainly make things a lot for you. If, for instance, you do not have a clue as to what the best club is in that city or town, a city travel guide will tell you what that is. For sure, having access to TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet will also give you an idea on what not to miss during your stay in that particular location.

Map Application

Your City Travel Guide actually goes hand in hand with your map application. Though it helps to know where you should go, you need a map application that can show you how to get there.

A map application is truly a must have for any trip. It is potentially the most important application you can have when you take a trip anywhere. There are map applications that even have pub or bar finders that will make it much easier for you to enjoy your stag night.

These are just some mobile phone applications that will be useful for any stag or hen weekend. Be sure to come prepared for anything that can go wrong, that includes weather changes and unforeseen accidents, and get these phone applications before you leave for your stag do. No matter where you go, it certainly helps to make use of such applications.

Things That Can Go Wrong on a Perfectly Planned Stag Do

Even the most carefully planned stag do or hen do can have a disastrous outcome. For a stag party group from Dumfries that was going to Spain, that was the case. All things considered, no one would’ve predicted that something would go wrong with their airplane.

The group boarded the plane that was already 15 minutes late of its original schedule as the flight attendants had to assist a passenger on a wheelchair board the plane. Who would’ve known that delay would be a good thing? If they took off in time, things would probably be a lot worse.

What Actually Happened?

Everything seemed normal until the 15 minute delay. Once the all the 189 passengers were aboard the 737 passenger jet, the plane started to take off from the runway. However, before the plane reached its take off speed, the pilot hit the brakes.

As the passenger jet skidded, the lights inside the plane went out, and that caused its passengers to panic. When the plane stopped skidding, the pilot ordered all the passengers to evacuate. This incident happened last October 19, Friday at 7:40 AM.

Barry Gemmell said that he smelled fumes and saw the smoke coming out of the vents in the cabin. Another passenger added that if the plane already took off, they’d be looking at something worse as the plane would’ve crashed.

The Party Must Go On

Despite what happened, the group of seven decided that the party must go on. So, the group went on the next flight going to Benidorm in Alicante. They did manage to have that planned stag party in Spain and they enjoyed a weekend there.

Because of what happened, they actually had a stag do worth remembering. As a matter of fact, Barry said that it might even be mentioned as part of one of their mates’ wedding speech next month.

Though an incident like this cannot really be foreseen, it helps to be lucky. This group was truly just lucky that the plane did not really crash and they had the chance to evacuate before it even took flight.

Stag Party Locations in Spain

Sunny Spain is actually a popular summer retreat and tourist destination. The country is known for having all that sunshine. Furthermore, the rain in Spain runs mainly on the plain and they definitely get less rainfall than the United Kingdom.

In Spain, there are a number of popular stag weekend locations to choose from. This group of revelers chose to have a stag party in Benidorm which is one of the most popular stag do locations in Spain. If you need more stag party ideas, check out what Barcelona, Magaluf, and Ibiza have to offer.

Spain is actually known for its beaches. Naturally, its sunshine goes well with its beaches. That is why tourists from all over Europe and beyond go to Spain. This winter, if you’d rather have sunshine instead of snow during your stag do, spend your last moments of freedom in one of those Spanish beaches.

Hen and Stag Party Situation in Brighton and Hove

Brighton has long been a popular hen and stag party location for locals and foreign tourists. Even so, local residents and officials are concerned that, eventually, most of its residents will move out due to the current situation.

Some folks may not know that around 1,000 hen and stag parties go to Brighton and Hove every weekend. Last year, the city earned approximately £15 million from stag and hen parties. Clearly, the stag and hen industry is what keeps this city’s economy going. Still, the plea and feelings of local residents cannot be taken astride that easily especially since this industry is what’s causing their discontent.

How It Is in Brighton and Hove

There are around 300 party houses in the city with a regular flow of party people every weekend as of last year. Judging from the statistics mentioned above, families residing in areas near such houses say that their lives are miserable because of the noise and behavior of many revelers.

According to the chairman of the Economic Development and Culture Committee, those parties are part of the city’s appeal. He added that the fact that it is a party destination is what makes it attractive. However, he does acknowledge the complaints of local residents when he said, “we cannot diminish the aggravation and anxiety created in what should be family communities…”

Though the local government tries to “regulate” those party houses, there are just a number of businesses with too much property. Crown Gardens alone has 117 properties that cater to such parties. Brighton Holiday Homes possesses 96 properties too. All of those properties are “within the law,” but the owners, as businessmen, have failed to see how they affect the neighborhood.

Incidents Aside from the Disturbance

Though the disturbance caused by stag parties within the area can be a problem, there have only been two prosecutions related to those party houses. The partying and karaoke was just too much for local residents that the owners were fined £12,000 for breaching noise abatement notices.

That surely won’t stop other property owners that rent out their property to such parties. Even so, a number of them can learn from such incidents.

The Future of Hen and Stag Dos

In the past, residents could still tolerate the late night drinking, noise, music, and shouting because parties in the area were not as frequent. Now that there’s a party every weekend, they are starting to get more vocal.

It certainly makes life a lot more difficult for a Queen’s Park Road resident that’s nursing a baby and taking care of her husband that’s recovering from surgery. Such a ruckus can easily drive her nuts. Still, she places the blame on the council’s lack of planning rather than the party goers.

As some residents choose to move out, this means more property to acquire and rent out for people in the stag and hen industry. The question regarding moderation will really fall on the hands of Brighton and Hove’s local government.

Stag Party Attempts to Break Guinness World Records

Charlie Badderley’s stag party attempted to break four Guinness World Records last week. They spent a stag weekend in Somerset to do just that. However, they did not really make it due to insufficient burgers. Furthermore, the weather was not in their favor.

For Charlie’s stag do, the whole group traveled in a fur covered bus that was made to look like a stag. It even had antlers! They drove to Somerset central to attempt record-breaking stag do feats.

Hundred Meter Space Hopper Dash

So start it off, the group tried to break the world record for the 100-meter space hopper dash in Berrow beach. They hopped on space hoppers and bounced on it for 100 meters to break the world record of 30.2 seconds. However, the weather was not on their side as it was cold and there were high winds. They finished 100 meters with 58 seconds.

Wrap the Stag in Newspaper

Defeated, but with high hopes that they can conquer the other challenges, the stag group drove to Street. There, they attempted to break the record of the fastest time it takes for eight people to wrap a person in newspaper. Though the team of eight people managed to do the task quite fast since they managed to do it in one minute and 32 seconds, they were still a few seconds slower than the current record of one minute and 28 seconds.

Hamburgers Eaten in Three Minutes

Next, the group headed to McDonald’s to break another record. How many hamburgers can they eat in three minutes? Well, the group didn’t even have the chance to break the current record because McDonald’s said that they did not have enough hamburgers for them to even attempt to break the record.

Eggs Crushed with Their Forehead

The fourth and last challenge was to see how many eggs they can crush with their forehead in 30 seconds. However, plans to beat that record was set aside as they all started to pass drinks around.

Noble Intentions

A hen do or stag do’s main purpose is to ensure that the person getting married gets to make the most out of their last moments of freedom or to give that person “a proper sendoff” before tying the knot. In that sense, this event was a success because Charlie admits that he did have a lot of fun during his stag weekend.

The best part about this whole endeavor is that it is not just about the groom-to-be’s happiness. This particular stag do was meant to raise funds for Help for Heroes. All the crazy antics aside and even if they failed to break the record, they did have noble intentions.

Harry Judd Celebrates His Stag Do at His Alma Mater

British pop rock star Harry Judd will be tying the knot with violinist Izzy Johnston this Christmas. That is why he recently re-visited his old school and had a unique slumber party there. Since this this McFly drummer does not really drink, his stag weekend was all in all a wholesome affair.

The fact that he didn’t drink and hence, will not get drunk did make it more challenging for his best mates to pick on him. Actually, the task of planning a stag do for such a person will challenge his best man. It might not be as difficult to plan for a hen do for a woman that does not drink. For a man, it is quite unusual. So, let us take a look at what he actually did for his last moments of freedom.

Reliving the Glory Days

To celebrate his last moments of freedom, Judd spend the night in his old boarding school. After all, it was the place where he was at his happiest. The Old Buckingham Hall in Suffolk is where he had a lot of memorable moments and that made it the best venue for his stag party.

Judd was accompanied by his band mates, Strictly Come Dancing fellow contestant, and other close friends. They were 25 all in all and they did sleep over at the dormitory area of the school.

During their stay, they enjoyed games of cricket and football in the school’s field. It was the perfect venue to enjoy such games as well. Due to the fact that the school is located in the middle of the countryside, they just stayed in the school’s dorm for the duration of his stag do.

A Boys’ Night in and Sleepover

Though Judd did not drink, his mates did and his friends spent a good portion of their evening drinking. After that, they did try to go to bed. However, Robbie Savage, Judd’s Strictly Come Dancing fellow contestant made the evening more interesting with a pillow fight at three in the morning!

Judd did say that it was like a giant sleepover. Robbie’s antics did keep the rest of the group up until the wee hours of the morning.

Planning for Any Stag Do

Though the trend of stag parties nowadays seems to be on the wilder side, Judd’s stag do proves that a man’s last moments of freedom does not always have to be such a wild or outrageous affair.

The best men usually lose sight of the fact that a stag weekend or party should be all about what the groom to be actually enjoys doing. Judd’s best men did a good job with his.

Although very few men would say that they’d want to celebrate their stag do in a similar fashion, the important thing is that Judd had a good time celebrating his last moments of bachelorhood.

Head to the White Isle for Your Winter Stag Do

If you’re having your stag or hen do this winter, you might want to get away from the usual white snow and escape to an island paradise. So, pack those bags and head to the home of hedonism, Ibiza.

For those who do not know, Ibiza does not exactly hibernate during winter. Though it is true that most tourists only head to the island during the summer season, anyone can actually go there during winter and still have the whole experience.

Why Ibiza Is a Popular Tourist Destination

There are a number of reasons why Ibiza regularly attracts a lot of tourists. The first reason would be its captivating white sand beach which makes it perfect for beach activities. Second, it is the world’s party capital and the home of electronic music. Most of the famous DJs get discovered by performing in Ibiza. Third, it is a historic place with lots of beautiful sights to see. No doubt there are other reasons why this island is a popular tourist destination.

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this island paradise can be the perfect escape from the harsh winter weather in some places. Hence, it can be the ultimate stag do location this winter season. Now would be a good time to decide as British Airways recognizes the potential of Ibiza as a winter holiday destination with regular flights twice a week.

Things to Look Forward to This December

Ibiza will probably continue being THE place to party even if its local officials are leaning towards more family-friendly tourism. This winter, there are actually some interesting events that will take place in this Spanish resort.

The San Mateo wine festival will be held early this December. Spain is actually known for its wines as well. Wine lovers should not miss this occasion as it will allow them to get a taste of the wines made within the region. New Year parties are something you can look forward to as well. DC10’s Circo Loco will definitely have a grand party. They usually do so every New Year’s Day.

A winter stag do in Ibiza will still be a lot of fun, but compared to having it during the summer season, it will be more relaxing. You can be sure that it won’t be as crowded as it usually is. Still, there are unique events that will be taking place that can easily make your stay more memorable.

What to Do for Your Stag Do

A day is not really enough to really enjoy Ibiza. So, make the most out of your time on the island and spend the weekend there. This will apply to any hen weekend too. If possible, stay longer and you will not regret it.

During the day, you can still enjoy all sorts of beach activities. Riding the banana boat, flyfish, tornado, wakeboard and ringos can still be a lot of fun. Those are fun group activities as well.

Even if you choose to start drinking earlier during the day, you still get to party at night. Of course, when it comes to clubbing, you can expect to get the best in Ibiza.

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Mullingar Local Niall Horan Plans for His Brother’s Stag Do

One Direction’s Irish member, Niall Horan, only needs “One Thing” at the moment and that is to plan his brother’s stag party. As the best man in his brother Greg’s wedding, the task of planning for the whole affair falls into his capable hands. Only 19, he may already have an idea as to what the whole occasion calls for. Still, he did consult with Marvin Humes.

Humes celebrated his own stag do in Las Vegas and Miami in May, a month before he tied the knot last summer. JLS singer and his group did celebrate his eight-day stag party Vegas-style. One of his mates, Aston Merrygold even admitted that he brought 500 condoms during the trip to make sure that everyone was “well-protected.”

Niall’s Own Stag Party Plans

Niall was so impressed by 5 Cent’s services that he also wants to hire the dwarf for his own brother’s stag do no matter how much it will cost. Now, handcuffing the stag to a dwarf is not that odd in Vegas. In fact, stag and bachelor parties keep those rent-a-midget companies going.

So, Greg can now look forward to spending a night chained to a dwarf. Compared to most of the stag pranks that are going on these days, being chained to a dwarf is already quite tame. As opposed to the trend that usually leans towards utter humiliation and even torture, spending a night cuffed to a midget maybe funny, but it can be fun to boot!

Stag Party Ideas in Mullingar

Joe Dolan country, Heart of the Lakeland, and Niall Horan’s hometown may not be his first choice for his brother’s stag do location, but it already has a lot to offer stags. Known for its lakes, beef, and beautiful country scenery, Mullingar is actually a popular stag weekend or party location.

Ideally, this town is the perfect stag party location for those who want to rest and relax. In addition to being good for rest and relaxation, this town’s wide open spaces makes it perfect for some popular stag do activities like paintballing, clay shooting, go karting, and golf.

Enjoying That Last Night of Freedom

It is tradition to celebrate a stag or hen party. That is why the best man and maid of honor usually try to come up with ways to make sure that the bride or groom-to-be’s last night of freedom is truly an affair to remember.

Though it is advised to think out of the box and get creative, the party’s organizer should make sure that the activity involved will be something that the celebrant will appreciate. Remember, there is no point in organizing a party wherein the stag or hen gets traumatized altogether. The sense of fun then just simply disappears.

Outrageous Hollywood Inspired Stag Party or Weekend

Trick or treat? A couple of decades ago, a typical stag party or hen party cannot be called a wholesome affair, but it was still rather tame compared to those held nowadays. You might have noticed that more recently, the headlines are full of stories about outrageous stag parties that went bad.

As a matter of fact, the typical stag party became like an opportunity for the stag party organizer, usually the best man, to totally humiliate the groom to be. In an article on Independent goes so far as to say that, “the groom who is force-fed a laxative, stripped naked and handcuffed to a lamp-post in Trafalgar Square has got off lightly.”

Humiliating Rituals and Pranks Involved

There are a number of Hollywood movies that seem to promote outrageous stag or bachelor parties. Those movies make a lot of people think that going wild during those last moments of freedom is the best thing ever. The Hangover and Bachelor Party are two good examples.

Most folks would not even notice how bad a stag party can get without the help of media. Based on some of the more recent stag dos held, the trend is leaning towards scary and traumatic.

Take a look at Jack Osborne’s stag party. He was kidnapped by military personnel and tortured. What’s funny is that after all of that, he did find his stag party fun and exciting. Kudos should be given to his stag party’s organizer.

On the flip side, Alex Tulloch cannot say the same. He was initially arrested by police officers, placed inside a prison cell with actual criminals, and then questioned for hours. For him, the “hoax” turned into a very traumatic event that his fiancée threatened to ban the best man and stag do organizer, Ben Goldsmith, from their wedding.

Banning Stag Do “Traditions”

In line with the trend of really wild and outrageous stag parties, some of the more popular stag do destinations are now banning such parties. They probably have a right to do so since it has been the tendency of stag parties to trash hotels, establishments, and local residences in those areas. Not to mention, the drunken brawls that occur when groups of men are in a drunken stupor and the noise they make.

Now, Edinburgh and Newquay no longer welcome stag parties with open arms. Years of bad experience with stag parties made them stricter. Other cities feel the same way.

Back in the Boundaries of Good Taste

Best men or those that are in charge of organizing stag parties lose sight of the most important thing. A stag party or stag weekend is supposed to be fun for all the guests, and most importantly, the stag.

Some stag pranks can stay, but the organizer should make sure that the pranks involved can be appreciated by the celebrant. After all, there is no point in organizing an outrageous or over the top stag do if the stag himself cannot find the humor in the pranks played on him.

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