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A Day in the Life of North West Adverture

What made you decide to start North West Adventure?

I trained for two years in Co Kerry. I promised myself that I would keep doing all the adventure sports when I came back home. I started to run a full time training course and train up Outdoor Adventure instructors twelve years ago. Through that North West Adventure was born!

Describe a typical day in the life of North West Adventure?

Summer time – first thing check the weather – meet the instructors discuss the groups we are expecting that day and their activities. We discuss any issues or concerns and plan to keep our adventure participants safe and having lots of fun. Get the gear out and be ready to rock with our participants. Meet the group introduce the instructors. Get everybody kitted out and briefed for their activity. Get out on activity and have a great day. Get everybody back and warmed up. A qiock cup of tea and a bite to eat. Then it’s back out and do it all again.

What is your favorite Activity?

Scrambling in the mountains.

What has been your best achievement?

Becoming a level 3 kayak instructor.

What is your hobbies/past-time?

Singing playing the guitar and chatting with my friends.

Coffee or Ice-Cream?

Coffee in the morning and Ice-Cream after dinner!


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