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Be Geared Up for the Hen Party Games

Staying up all night during the hen party is made more fun when everyone in the room gets to play games and enjoy good company. This activity does not only tighten the bond of the guests and the bride, it also assures that everyone will spend a great time in the party and make memories that will surely last.

Hen night games come in various forms and the hen celebrant creativity would be put to use in coming up with fun and games.

The most popular among hen and stag parties alike is drinking games. It is usually done in the beginning to set the party spirit among the guests. However, everyone should bear in mind that it should be taken in responsibly. Nonetheless, this activity brings too much fun especially when dares are incorporated.

To really laugh the night away, it’s best to have challenges and dares in tow. Make sure that everyone participates to make it more fun and will not too embarrass anyone so that it’s truly a good time for all and not become a cause of fights of some sort.

Another fun thing to do is having a Bride Quiz. Guests will answer questions regarding the bride written in sheets of paper. The bride should judge the result of the quiz. It is, after all, about her.

There are still a lot of games to play. People will just have to be a tad creative to keep the ball rolling.

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