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Fun Dares to Liven Up Hen Party at Home

Fun at hen parties should be limitless. Therefore, the dares and games should also be out of the box ideas. If the party’s venue happens to be in a house only, there are still a lot of fun games to play. It doesn’t really matter if the venue is somewhere fancy or just at home.

There are games that could be like the quizzes, asking the guests how much they really know the bride. It is a fun game because it could really bring out a good laugh from the crowd. Questions should be carefully chosen from the start so as not to offend anyone.

Then there’s the Blue Peter Hen Party Wedding Dress Game where the crowd should be split into two or more teams. Each team has to occupy a room. They are to be provided with a broadsheet newspaper, a roll of tin foil and a roll of cello tape. A time limit should be set. With the materials provided, each team has to come up with a wedding dress and each team also has to choose one person to model for their design. It should be presented to the whole crowd and it would be more fun if the bride chooses a winner.

Surely, the hen party at home would not be any different from a hen party held at some cozy and fancy venue.

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