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Party Blast Thanks to Hen Dares!

Hen parties are really exceptional and one of the things that make it stand out from all other parties is its games and dares.

It has to be a perfect mix of fun and lethal. The important thing is it should entertain everyone by joining the game. Commonly, there are two tried and tested methods.

The first one is the Spin the Bottle. The guests should be seated in a circle with a bottle in the center. Each guest will have to take turns making up hen night dares, and then spin the bottle. When the bottle is already pointing to one person around the circle, she has to complete the dare. The crowd could also get to decide if the dare should be carried out because it is fun or change the dare because it is extremely hard or inappropriate.

The second method would be the deck pf hens nigh dare cards. Each guest will have to take turns picking out a card from the whole deck and must do the dare indicated in the chosen card. The turn then passes to the next hen. Every person is sure to get a turn without having to wait around.

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