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Party Dares Galore!

Hen party is really a time when people are having fun and to have more of it, dares should be incorporated.

There are a lot of dares to choose from. Among the popular ones are the Hand Bag game, Truth or Hen Night Dare, Consequences, Condom Fitter, Male Model, Ibble Dibble, Dam Busters, Naughty Treasure Hunt, Pass the Balloon, Matchbox Mayhem, Cereal Packet Pick Up, among others.

One of the well-loved games for hen parties is the Hand Bag game can make everyone in the room get settled. It can be started by having each person take something out of their bags and place those items in separate paper bags. Then, a designated person will open each bag and the rest of the party crowd will guess to whom each item belongs to.

Another game that can be enjoyed by everyone is the Truth or Hen Nigh dare. Cards are the primary props for this game. It starts with the bride taking one Truth Question card. Questions include personal ones such as “Have you ever had it in a car?” and so on. She should answer it in all honesty or else, she has to take the Dare card and do whatever is indicated in that card.  Example would be to recite the alphabet backwards or do 5 push ups.

And of course, you can be creative and come up with your own dares.

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