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Buggy Racing in Athlone

Anyone who passed by Athlone on a pleasure craft knows how beautiful this town is. Situated at Ireland’s heart with the River Shannon passing through it, this town does have a wonderful view of the water. Adding to its appeal is the castle at the town center which gives the town a fairy tale-like feel.

This town is famous for having the oldest pub in Europe, Sean’s Bar, which has been serving the town’s locals and visitors since 900. Aside from this pub, there are a lot of other bars, pubs, and clubs within the town proper. Actually, the town’s nightlife, and the fact that everything else is more affordable, makes this town a popular stag do destination. A stag weekend in Athlone can be a lot of fun too as there are so many recreational activities to enjoy in town.

That will include buggy racing. As a stag do activity, this is one of the most popular. Buggy racing can be fun for the whole group because of the friendly competition and challenge that it provides. The level of challenge actually depends on the race track and buggies can provide that sideways action that most go karts are not really capable of doing.

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