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Clay Shooting in Athlone

Built on the River Shannon, at the center of Ireland, and known for having a castle at its core, Athlone is a popular stop for a lot of holidaymakers. Its location makes it easily accessible from virtually any part of Ireland. In addition, it is known for its lively nightlife, affordability, and sheer number of recreational activities that can be done in this town.

It is not so surprising that Athlone is now a popular stag do destination. Most of this town’s residents are college students which is why almost everything is more affordable in this town. Stags on a budget will find this town to be the perfect stag do or stag weekend destination for them.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of stag do activities that can be done in this city like clay shooting. Inanimate bird shooting or clay shooting is fun for a lot of stags that find it challenging to shoot small moving targets. You can even make it more challenging by staging a competition between you and your peers to see who hits the highest number of targets for a certain amount of time. So, if you need a fun daytime activity, try clay shooting in Athlone.

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