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Go Karting in Athlone

Athlone is known as a town with a fairy tale like appeal because it does have a castle at its heart. Located at the heart of Ireland, being located 9 km from the geographical center, this town really is beautiful. In addition to having a castle in its center, it is surrounded by water as it is located along the River Shannon and near the southern shore of Lough Ree. In addition to its medieval and fairy tale like appeal, this town is also known as a great place for a cheap pint which makes it perfect for stag dos and stag weekends.

Most of Athlone’s residents are actually students which is why almost everything is more affordable in this town. As for its nightlife, you can expect the crowd to be mostly comprised of college students. Even so, the craic is mighty in this town. That means your stag night in Athlone will be a blast. If you plan to spend a stag weekend in this city, you might want to add certain daytime activities to make sure every minute counts. You can enjoy go karting in Athlone. Go karting has always been a popular stag do activity and it can be the perfect daytime activity for your stag weekend.

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