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Quading in Athlone

The beautiful town of Athlone is located by the geographical heart of Ireland. If you view the town from the River Shannon, you will immediately notice that it has Athlone castle in its center. Besides being pleasing to the eyes, this city also has a lot to offer its visitors. In addition, since it is located at the center of Ireland, it is easy and convenient to go to this town.

Your stag night or stag weekend in Athlone can be a lot of fun. This town’s nightlife can be a lot of fun as there are a lot of nightlife establishments in this town. Though that’s true, one does stand out for being the oldest pub in all of Europe, Sean’s Bar. Sean’s Bar has been around since 900 and it has maintained excellent service and authentic pints of Irish brew for years.

If you decide to spend your stag weekend in Athlone, you might want to add certain stag do activities to make sure that no time goes to waste. Quading or four-wheeling can be the perfect daytime activity if you and your companions do not mind a little mud. It is certainly an awesome means to get around this town.

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