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Comedy Club Stag Package – Belfast

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On your last night of freedom, the idea is fun, fun, fun with a capital F. Please, do not spoil it by spending it in some dull apartment drinking beer with your mates. Even your fiancée will be amazed by your lack of creativity. Instead, add some style to it by checking into some of the finest hotels in Belfast strategically located near the heart of Belfast city. Not only will you benefit from the proximity to Belfast nightlife, but you are also guaranteed a pleasant stay and high quality service from highly trained staff.

Comedy Club Tickets

When you are counting down the last minutes of your freedom, you are likely to experience some major anxieties that even alcohol can’t cure. Instead of overdosing on the alcohol remedy- and nursing a terrible hangover the next day- you could instead enjoy serious doses of laughter from Belfast’s funniest ( don’t kid yourself, you’ll still get drunk). Laugh your heart out as you sample some amazing stand up comedy from seasoned pros. You will be in such high spirits when the party is over your wife-in-waiting will wonder what you were up to.


Your mornings will never be the same again after you sample the assorted mouth watering dishes that you will be offered for your morning meal. There is a varied menu for you and the boys to order from and what’s more you can eat as much as you want. You can choose to indulge in some unique menu or you can go for the local favorites. Either way, you are the guaranteed the best meal of your life.

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After some comedy-induced high spirits, you will be in the right mood to experience the best of Belfast nightlife. With the highly trained staff waiting on you hand and foot, you can sit back and relax with the boys as you sip a classic martini or a cold beer, whatever suits your fancy. It will be a long time before you have another night like this so make the most out of it. Remember, tonight is just about you and the boys. Enquire


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