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Best Man Speech

The Best-Man has 3 duties

  • Writing the speech
  • Planning the stag
  • Getting the groom to the wedding in one piece (with matching socks)

It just got a whole lot easier, we made a system to help you write that killer speech. The system was written by comedy writers who have written for TV, radio & stand-up comedians.

If you want to write it from the heart, the geniuses will give you premium tips & tricks for you to write and deliver an original masterpiece.

Here is how it works:

The system is designed to guide to through each phase of your speech from your initial introduction right through to the final toast and is available for just £10;

  • You’ll have access to over 4,000 gag & quotes, with each section outlined in detail so it is easy to manage. (there is a step guide for each phrase)
  • Simply click on the phase of your speech that want to work on and you’ll get hundreds of options to add to that section of your speech.
  • Then click on what you want to use and it will be put into that section of the speech.
  • You can put it any original thoughts into the speech by using the edit option.
  • Once you are proud of it, print it off. If you change your mind, make another. Yo have 7 days of access.

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