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Stag Party Ideas: DIY Stag Do Survival Kit

Posted by Caragh on June 3, 2016

Category: blog, Stag Planning, Tips
Stag parties usually don’t involve too much fuss; men tend to lean more towards the simplicity of going out and getting drunk, as opposed to putting any thought into frivolities such as party favours or decorations. While we at Stagit can respect this, we simply cannot ignore the fact that there’s a massive amount of brilliant stag party ideas waiting to be put in motion. One such brilliant idea is the DIY Stag Do Survival
Planning a stag is easy right?? What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot actually.  It takes time, effort and months of planning in advance. One or many mistakes can ruin the weekend for the groom and all attending! And let’s not don’t forget the wrath of bridezilla who never really fell in love with her fiance’s mates anyway! The Stag is not an ending point either. Remember that messing it up and you’ll have to

Stag Party Theme Ideas

Posted by Anam Ali on May 31, 2016

Are you celebrating your last day of freedom but stuck on what theme to have for your stag party? Don’t worry, this blog post will give you the top stag party theme ideas out there. These themes will definitely give you some major ideas to have that stag do unique and fun! Star Wars Theme Awaken the forces of your friendship by celebrating your stag Star Wars style! Dress up as your favourite character whether
Stag parties have certain aims and objectives that must be upheld: 1) to get drunker as a group than you have ever been in your lives and 2) to embarrass the groom-to-be as horrifically as possible. While we’re pretty sure you guys can take care of the first one by yourselves, the latter involves a little bit more creativity. With that in mind, here is our compilation of the most embarrassing stag party ideas of

Thank you for entering both our competitions.

Posted by jared on January 19, 2016

Category: Uncategorized
You have now doubled your chance to win a free hen or stag night. Thank you for your participation.

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