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Stag Party Games

After hard work of stag party planning, the day of the stag party finally comes! It's all unicorns and sunshine until one moment of epic boredom strikes! You have all the party planned, getting drunk at night, lunch at arrival and possibly some sort of activity sorted before the epic night out! What about the in between space that you have to fill between these activities? Well, why not try these legendary stag party games.... PS, we don't condone heavy drinking, so please drink responsibly!

Don't say the word!

The aim of this game is to make the members of the stag as drunk as possible. So here is how you play it, all you need a list of words which are forbidden for the night. These words can be easily thought of, here are some ideas: Groom’s name, Bride’s name, “pint”, “strippers”, list is basically endless.

For every forbidden word spoken, the member who spoke it must be forced to take a shot, or might even be given a saucy dare!

Sip and Strip 

This game is fairly easy, all you need is a coin.

Here is how to play, all you need to do is shout out the pass, and flip the coin!

If you have gotten the correct pass, you are safe, if not, you have to choose one of two - Sip or Strip!

For sip, you must take a shot of booze and for strip off one item of clothing.

Remember, if you have chosen sip before, you will automatically have to strip for the next wrong answer. You can’t repeat your earlier punishment again!

Cupid's little helper

Just because it's a stag party, doesn't mean that all lads are in a relationship. Don't worry lads, we will make sure that you are going home with at least one lady tonight!  Make sure ONLY the single guys are playing this game, we wouldn't want any angry girlfriends or bridezilla up our hands now!

So, let's start this game, all you need to come up with is a list of descriptions. Lads it's time to use your imagination and come up with the most specific ​descriptions you can come up with! For example: The nearest girl with hooped earrings! 

Now when the list has been made, ​pop all of them into a glass. 

The groom, being the highness of the party, calls out what description each of the lads will be trying to accomplish tonight.

Like... "John will be trying to get attention of the closest lady in red heels."

So, single lads, go and try to get that lady's number. You can even bring your mates for "help", not that you need any ;)​

The first guy to get those digits wins! ​

Beer Pong

This classic drinking game can also be played as a stag game, after all, they both have one thing in common - Drinking!

All you need are few plastic cups, beer and ping pong balls.

Fill the cups with beer, spreading the cups out of the table evenly as possible. ​

​Make sure there are equal cups on each side of the table. 

The goal of this game is to throw the ping pong ball on to the opponent's cup. If you successfully get the aim right, the opponent must gulp that drink!

Cock Fighting​

This game is fairly simple but be prepared to sweat guys!

All you need are some inflatable cocks - Buy them here!

​Strap those cocks on like a boss and use all the man power you have to knock down your opponents' cock off!

The guy who defeats all will be crowned the king for the night!

Lyrical Monster!

The rules of this game are fairly simple, each lad has to just look for the target lady to hit up. The challenge is to engage your lady into a conversation but you must squeeze at least 3 song lyrics. if you fail or your target walks away, then you are out and you must pay a forfeit! 

Enter your text here...

Cruel forfeit: Carry around waxing strips and whoever fails will be waxed as a punishment! - Painful but hilarious punishment 😉

​Dead Ants 

​This game is for those spontaneous fellas that are not afraid to get weird! Any time a lad shouts 'Dead ants', all the stag members must get on the floor and wriggle like insects. The shy one or the slowest one to get down on the ground must pay a fine! (Perhaps waxing strips can  be used here again 😉 )

Gifs credits: giphy.com

​Now that the games are sorted, why not book us for your epic stag party! We will help you in the best way possible and make sure that you are stress free for your last day of freedom! Book with now, we have locations in Ireland, UK and all over the world!

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