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Go Karting in Cork

Local residents of Cork City believe that Cork is the true capital of Ireland and they have good reason to believe that. Compared to Dublin, Cork certainly has its own appeal and even holds its own. This major Irish seaport has long been the favorite of many tourists. The city center is located on an island that was created by the river channels which makes it a scenic destination as well.

The city’s nightlife is certainly something to look forward to. There are nightlife establishments that overlook the water which makes pub crawling more appealing. Aside from its vibrant nightlife, you can also enjoy lots of outdoor recreational activities in Cork and that includes lots of water sports. In addition to water sports, there are other activities to enjoy on land as well like go karting.

Go karting can actually take place indoors or outdoors. So, regardless of the weather condition, you can actually enjoy go karting in Cork. This is one of the most popular stag do activities because it is fun for groups of all sizes. A little friendly competition by racing amongst peers can be fun as well. Giving away certain prizes for the fastest person can add to the challenge and fun.

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