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Surfing Lessons – Strandhill Surf School

Strandhill Surf School is the centre of surfing in Strandhill, Sligo.  They have a great location in a corner premise on the beachfront. Run by owner Paul Buchanan, from Raglan, New Zealand, it is a great place to learn to surf or improve your surfing skills.  All their instructors are fully-qualified and will always be in the water.  The ratio of students is 1:8 with more instructors added if required.  With consistent waves and lively village surroundings, this new and exciting place will definitely be a blast for everyone.

The cost of the course already includes a wetsuit and surf board.  Showers are also available after the lesson, so the only thing you need to bring will be your swimwear and a towel.   First timers need not fret because the beginners’ course takes place in waist-deep water and the instructor will work with you win the water throughout the duration of lesson.  Strandhill Surf School is also fully insured.  To ensure that you’ll get a lesson that suits you, make sure that you book before you go to the school.

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