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The Hole in 1 Challenge


“If golf was played at a casino, this would probably be how it would look!  “The hole in 1 challenge is an exciting new golfing attraction where golfers of all skill levels and abilities have a real chance to win top prizes, including holidays, weekends away, golfing equipment, fun days out and a cash jackpot worth over a thousand euro! There are 2 greens and 8 holes of different sizes to aim for, the largest hole is a whopping 42 inches in diameter!! Group Packages include range balls to warm up with, a professional golf lesson focusing on the short game to improve your odds on getting a hole in one, 25 attempts at the Hole in 1 Challenge,(you win another shot every time you hit the green) and a cold beer to finish off in the restaurant. Great fun for any group of lads looking for something different and exciting to do.

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