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Clay Shooting in Dublin

Dublin, the Irish capital, is a famous tourist destination for many reasons. It certainly is linked to a lot of famous people in art, literature, and the entertainment industry. It is quite ordinary to see live music played on the streets during the day, but Dublin’s nightlife is definitely a treat for anyone who enjoys live entertainment. The city has enough nightclubs too for those that enjoy clubbing or partying.

Dublin’s nightlife is just one of the reasons why this city is a popular stag party destination. The other reason would be the fact that there are so many stag do activities to enjoy within the city as well. Those activities are perfect for stags that choose to spend a stag weekend in Dublin.

One of those indoor or outdoor recreational activities would be clay shooting. Clay pigeon shooting has long been a better alternative to actual hunting. It does provide the same level of challenge that hunting provides, but it is not restricted by licenses or seasons. Furthermore, it is safer because the ones running the shooting grounds will usually provide all the necessary tuition and gear to make sure that the whole experience is safe and a lot of fun.

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