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Go Karting in Galway

Galway, the city that is also known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart, appeals to a lot of stags for lots of reasons. Of course, if you want to experience the very best of Irish culture, this is also the best destination to go to. Stags choose Galway because of its cultural appeal, lively nightlife, and the sheer amount of stag do activities available in this city.

Now, when it comes to stag do activities, go karting is usually among the top choices. Why? Well, why not? Go karting provides a unique driving experience as most tracks can be quite challenging with many twists and turns.

Go karting can take place indoors or outdoors. The facility usually provides all the necessary safety gear to make sure that you’re safe and secure even if you drive at full speed. The go karts at different facilities may vary as some speed up to 60 kilometers per hour and some can be as fast as 80 kilometers per hour. Most of the time, the facility also provides trophies and prizes for those that get the best time within the group.  A little friendly competition among mates can add to the fun and challenge of go karting.

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