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Buggy Racing in Kinsale

A charming town with antiquated narrow paths and medieval buildings, Kinsale, is a popular summer holiday destination. Located within Cork County and just 25 km away from Cork City, this fishing village has a lot to offer tourists during the summer season. Actually, it truly has a lot to offer regardless of the season. Those in town during festivals should take advantage and join the festivities. Kinsale is known for its annual Jazz Festival and Gourmet Festival.

Aside from its charm, it is among the most popular stag do destinations because of the amount of recreational activities to enjoy, delicious food, great entertainment, and lively nightlife. Instead of just spending a day in this town, make it a weekend. A stag weekend in Kinsale can be unforgettable especially if you choose the right stag do activities that the whole group will enjoy.

Buggy racing can be that fun daytime activity that you need to make sure all your companions have a lot of fun during the day. Racing against your closest peers can be a lot of fun, driving a buggy can be quite challenging for many, and that sideways action is an experience that you cannot really get from other stag do activities!

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