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Paintballing in Letterkenny

Most people know all about Letterkenny because of its lively nightlife. After all, a lot of people from neighboring towns go to this particular town for its nightlife. That is also the main reason why this town is now a popular stag do destination. Stags that choose to spend their last moments of freedom in Letterkenny will not regret it as there are so many activities to enjoy during the day.

A night in Letterkenny may give you enough time to sample the town’s nightlife, but a weekend is much better. If you choose to have your stag weekend in this town, you are in for a treat because your days can be just as fun as your nights in this town.

If you’re going to choose a stag do activity to enjoy during the day, you might as well choose paintballing. Paintballing is an activity that most men enjoy because it really is a lot of fun. You can even split up the group and try eliminating each other with paintball guns. All the necessary gear is usually provided for. The only thing that you need to remember is to wear comfortable shoes and, if needed, bring is a change of clothes.

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