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Buggy Racing in Mullingar

Mullingar’s countryside was made more famous because of James Joyce’s novels – Finnegans Wake, Stephen Hero, and Ulysses. He used to frequent this town and wrote about it in a couple of his novels. Mullingar really is famous for its lakes as these are frequently visited by anglers. In addition, it is known for having delicious beef steak because, in the past, this town was also known for its cattle lands.

Now, this town is also a rather popular stag do or stag weekend destination. Though most people would go to Mullingar to rest and relax, it does have a number of nightlife establishments which will be perfect for your stag night. In addition to fishing, there are lots of other recreational activities to enjoy in this town to boot.

One particular activity that has become popular for stags is buggy racing and off-road buggy racing can be an unforgettable experience. The race track usually makes it a challenging, but awesome driving experience. Buggy racing provides a rough, fast, and furious ride for thrill seekers. That is why stags love it. A stay in Mullingar can provide the best of both worlds. Stags can get that rush of adrenaline they seek and, afterwards, they can still have a relaxing time in this relatively quiet town.

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