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How Stags Can Get to Kilkenny

Planning to get to Kilkenny? Either if it is for your stag parties, or for a visit, getting there is easy. You can choose by train, by bus, or by plane.

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Getting to Kilkenny: Travel By train

getting to kilkenny by train

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Kilkenny Railway Station is at the top of Saint John’s Street, within easy walking distance of anywhere in the city centre. There are 7 trains a day from Monday to Saturday and 4 on Sunday in each direction.


Travel By Bus

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If you choose to travel by bus, JJ Kavanagh, Dublin Coach, and Wild Rover Tours run bus services between Dublin and the city.


Travel By Plane

The only way to fly to the city is if you fly and land on the airfield. Dublin Airport is 117 km away.

JJ Kavanagh’s run a direct bus to Kilkenny city. You can also opt to catch a bus into Dublin city centre, then catch a bus or train from there.

Waterford Airport is the nearest international airport, but it has no scheduled services. 

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