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Nightlife in Kilkenny

After a whole day of sightseeing, be spoiled by nightlife in Kilkenny with its many pubs and bars. If you are after music, good food, a party, some craic, Kilkenny’s pubs will have something for everyone.

Sure enough, Kilkenny sightseeing gets a lot of good vibes in you. Kilkenny has a medieval feel with well maintained and preserved old buildings. Wandering through its cobblestone streets, Kilkenny castle and other historical landmarks….

But, wait until you experience its nightlife!

Tour to Pubs and Bars: Nightlife in Kilkenny

Apparently, Kilkenny has no shortage of pubs and clubs. One way or another this contributes to its vibrant night atmosphere.

Matt the Miller’s offers live music, great food, and beverages while overlooking River Nore. Located on John’s Street just down from Matt The Miller’s, there’s Biddy Early’s. It is a great place to meet and hang-out with the group. Choose between these two or let’s take more tours.

In Friary Street in the heart of the city and within walking distance to bus stops and train stations, The Rafter Dempsey’s is another perfect location. The place has Residents Bar ’til late, a night porter and a private bar. Boys will not only be supplied with accommodation but numerous bookable activities.


The atmosphere, the music, the beers- they all contributed to Kilkenny’s buzzing night atmosphere and allowing it to become a popular stag do destination.

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