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Clay Shooting

Blowing Birds Out Of The Sky

OK maybe you wont be blowing birds out of the sky but clay pigeon shooting is a truely unique experience that very few get to taste. You’ll be equipped with a state of the art 12 guage shotgun capable of ripping a target apart at ranges of up to 100m away.


Every fella loves to hold a gun in his hand and blow a moving target apart. Well clay pigeon shooting is exactly that except it requires a bit more skill. From holding the gun securely to your shoulder to squeezing off the trigger not to upset your aim clay pigeon shooting is a fun experience you and your stags will truely enjoy for your stag party.

You will all be given a chance to show off your shooting skills at different targets. Each target requires a different set of mind in order to take it down, from targets fired high into the sky, target coming at you and ones bouncing across the ground each ones poses its own challenge. Shot them if you can!



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