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Kilkenny Stag Party

Thanks we had a great day and night in kilkenny and a lot of people said to me well done for picking it out.

  • Accommodation: The accommodation was very nice, the hotel was clean and spacious, the bathrooms were big enough. The breakfast was good and the receptionist was friendly and welcoming.
  • Activity: The activities of archery and shooting were even better than expected. It went on longer than expected and was very enjoyable for everyone. The instructor was a great laugh also. Only 2 of the lads done shooting before and everyone was looking forward to it.
  • Nightclub: The nightclub was interesting, it was like a huge ballroom and everyone was having a good night. There was a little confusion with the ticket lady over whether we could get in or not for about 2 minutes or so but it was not a problem. The place was full of other stags and hens which was funny.
  • Food (If dinner or finger food was booked): Ya the food in the pub was eaten very quickly because we were starving. It was good.
  • How did you find working with Stagit.ie Working with stagit.ie was very good. You certainly delivered on what you promised and we were glad because we were a bit apprehensive before hand with handing over so much money in advance. You were in contact with us alot before hand to see if everything was going according to plan and we appreciated that.
  • Is there anything we could do to make your experience working with us easier/better? The one minor detail would be that it took the car i was in about 15 minutes to figure out where the car park was for the hotel but that was probably more our fault than the hotels!

We were in a great mood anyways so we werent upset by it at all. There was nothing i can think about to really complain about, it was a great experience, thanks again.

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