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Battlebridge Paintball

Battlebridge Paintball……Battlepaintball

Battlebridge Paintball, just outside Carrick on Shannon (10min) provides you with everything you need to enjoy custom-built GameZones, including a camouflage suit and appropriate safety equipment.

We also provide modern male/female changing and shower facilities & recommend that you bring a strong comfortable pair of boots and gloves.

Group discounts available at Battlebridge Paintball
Stag & Hen Parties, Corporate Team Days, College Team Days & Club Events are our specialty
Group organiser gains free admission with 300 free paintballs
Birthday parties and Christmas parties

Opening Times at Battlebridge Paintball
– Morning Sessions – 9:30am – 12.30pm
Afternoon Sessions – 1.00pm to 4.00pm
– Evening Sessions – Phone for details

Pricing at Battlebridge Paintball:
Session (Half Day) – € 35.00 per person
– Package includes: Tippman Paint Gun, Safety Goggles, Camouflage suit and 150 Paintballs
– Extra Paintballs: € 5.00 per hundred

Terms & Conditions
– Entry fee must be paid in advance (prices are subject to change)
– Participants must be 17 years old or over

Make sure you say Stagit.ie sent you, the lads might give you a better price! 😉

Contact Details:

Battlebridge Paintball

(0) 86 166 49 59

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Comedy Club Cork

Double Room…..Nightclub….comedy_club_sign

Hotel and breakfast

To spend your stag weekend in style, you can check into some of the finest hotels in Cork and benefit from some really comfortable accommodation and quality service. The relaxed atmosphere will help you to unwind as you reflect on the big day ahead (and probably hatch an escape plan before it is too late). What’s more, you and your stags will be served with breakfast fit for a king and can choose any meal from the assorted hotel menu.

Comedy club

Add a comical twist to your stag weekend by visiting a comedy club hosted by Cork’s funniest stand up comedians. Not only will you and the stags be thoroughly entertained, the heavy doses of laughter will cure any anxiety issues that you may have. Cork is home to some of the most brilliant comedians of all time and you can be sure your chuckle muscles will be exercised to the limit. You and your mates will be left in such high spirits, you will be left begging for more.

VIP strip club entry

This is the only reason why you were planning a stag night in the first place so it should be as memorable as possible. With VIP entrance to a classy strip club, you are assured of fun with a capital F. You will be given your own semi private area in the strip club so you and the boys can enjoy yourselves as you watch some of the most beautiful girls in Cork city strip for you.

VIP night club entry

Your days as a reveler are likely to reduce significantly after you get married so do not let this night pass without sampling some of the best night clubs in Cork city. With VIP entry, you are guaranteed the time of your life as you will be given the best seats in the club and will be accorded VIP treatment by the staff. Immerse yourself in the music and dance the night away as you sip a cold beer or any other drink of your choice.Enquire


Laser Combat Cork

Double Room…..Nightclub….Laser Combat

Hotel and breakfast

Tic! Toc! Tic! Toc! There goes the last minutes of your freedom, surely, you do not want to spend a lifetime wishing you could have spent them differently. You can start by checking into one of the best hotels in Cork where those last minutes will be spent in style. You will be provided with outstanding accommodation and the relaxed ambience will help you unwind before the big day. Breakfast in the morning will be promptly served and you can sample any of the mouthwatering delicacies from the varied menu.

Laser combat

Start your stag weekend with a bang by engaging in some adrenalin rushing laser combat with your mates. You can choose to play FBI, SWAT or any other undercover agent type of mission. The combat scenario is as real as it can get with thick cover and assorted barricades. You will be given full camouflage uniform along with assault vests. Your stags will be so thrilled by the fun they have, they will propose to their girlfriends just to hold a stag night like yours.

VIP strip club entry

With VIP entry into a classy strip club, you can be sure that neither you- nor your mates will forget your stag night for a long time to come. This is only time your wife-in-waiting will allow you to ogle at other beautiful women so make the most out of it. You will be kept thoroughly entertained by some of Cork’s finest strippers born with the art of strip tease. A lap dance or two will add some fun to the night…

VIP night club entry

When time runs out on your bachelorhood, you have this one night to remember. Make it more memorable by sampling some of the best night clubs that Cork city has to offer. With VIP entry, you can be sure you will have the time of your life as the staff waits on you hand and foot. Immerse yourself in the fun and dance the night away. The memories will serve you well for a long time to come.Enquire


Paintballing Cork

Double Room…..Nightclub….paintballing

Hotel and breakfast

Cork is an ideal location to hold your stag party and you can add some flavor to it by checking into one of the best hotels in Cork city for the entire duration of your stag weekend. You will be provided with excellent accommodation and the friendly staff will cater to your every need as you unwind in preparation for your big day. Cork’s hotels have a relaxed ambience to ensure that you feel at home away from home. What’s more, those morning hunger pangs will be silenced by breakfast fit for a king.


Paintballing in Cork will give you a last chance to engage in safe, scary fun with your friends before settling in marriage. To say the least, it is the most exciting game that will give you a time to bond with your teammates even as you engage in teamwork, strategy and field-leadership that will help you win. The most exciting part is that you don combat gear; carry a semi-automatic weapon powered with gas and go to the field to hunt for the enemy. It is a sure way of giving you the much-needed adrenaline rush before the big day.

VIP Strip club entry

After a great day outdoors, it is time to have the best treatment that money can buy you during your last night as a single man. The VIP strip club entry is just the perfect way to go. You will not only be treated as a king, but you will also get the best treatment that the striping ladies can give anyone. Their undivided attention will be on you, therefore saving you the energy of having to share them with anyone else.

VIP nightclub entry

No one wants to follow the long queue least of all during an important day like this one. Besides, you have to save the energy for your big day. Good thing is, the VIP entry will jump you the queue and even have a table reserved for you once inside the nightclub. The special, fast and prompt treatment you receive from the waiters is something that will leave people in the next table eyeing you like the subjects would eye the king! Go for it boy, it is your last chance at having fun as a single man!Enquire


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