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Iconic Landmarks of Ireland

Irish countrysideIreland is a popular holiday destination and home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes and oldest prehistoric monuments in the world. So for anyone planning a trip to the Emerald Isle, here is a summary of places and landmarks which are not to be missed, to name a few:

The Giants Causeway

Steeped in history and legend and a major part of Ireland’s heritage, The Giant’s Causeway is an extraordinary area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, mostly hexagonal, which are the result of a volcanic eruption in ancient times. This dramatic landscape is part of the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, in County Antrim and many people travel from all over the world to witness this unique sight for themselves.

The Spire

The Spire of Dublin, also known as the Monument of Light is a large, striking monument set in the heart of the city of Dublin. This 120 metre tall, stainless steel, monument was unveiled to the public in 2002 and can be found on O’Connell Street, Europe’s widest urban street and Dublin’s own most impressive street with its impressive architecture and several monuments.


Built during the Neolithic period in about 3200 BC, Newgrange is a prehistoric monument located in County Meath, about one kilometre north of the River Boyne. It is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, making this an ancient site not to be missed by anyone on holiday in Ireland.

The Cliffs of Moher

The magnificent Cliffs of Moher top the list of places to see and things to do in Ireland, and are Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction. Some of the highest cliffs in Europe, standing 214 metres at their highest point they stretch for 5 miles along the Atlantic coast of County Clare in the west of Ireland and offer some stunning views of the Atlantic.

Killarney National ParkThe Lakes of Killarney

Killarney in County Kerry is renowned for its spectacular coastal scenery, ancient monuments, mountain landscapes, not to mention the three tranquil Lakes of Killarney, which include Muckross Lake, Upper Lake and Lough Leane, which is the largest of the three.


South of Dublin, you will find one of the most famous monastic sites in Ireland, called Glendalough or Glendaloch, in County Wicklow. It is famous for its early medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin, which is set in a beautiful remote glacial valley with tranquil lakes.

The Rock of Cashel

Set on an outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale, the Rock of Cashel, also known as Cashel of the Kings and St. Patrick’s Rock, is located at Cashel, South Tipperary. It is Ireland’s most visited heritage site, with great historical significance and home to one of the most spectacular collections of medieval architectural structures to be found anywhere in Europe.

Blarney Castle

Built almost six hundred years ago, Blarney Castle is a world landmark and one of Ireland’s greatest treasures.  It is home to the Blarney Stone, which many people, including world statesmen, silver screen legends and literary giants have joined the millions of pilgrims who have come to kiss the stone believing that they will gain the gift of eloquence.

The Ha’penny Bridge

Built in 1816, the Ha’penny Bridge is the most well known bridge of Dublin. It is a single span structure with cast iron railings and decorative lamps and the first iron bridge in Ireland.

With its fantastic cities, ancient monuments and stunning landscapes, Ireland will definitely keep you eager for more. Whether you plan to travel throughout the country or concentrate on one spot and come back later, there is so much that is not to be missed and it’s all part of experiencing Ireland’s unforgettable beauty.

Dublin River Liffy

Cheryl Morris is an author, photographer, graphic designer and mother of four. She also works for Click Souvenirs, a leading British gift shop with the largest range of London souvenirs available online.

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A Day in the Life of North West Adverture

What made you decide to start North West Adventure?

I trained for two years in Co Kerry. I promised myself that I would keep doing all the adventure sports when I came back home. I started to run a full time training course and train up Outdoor Adventure instructors twelve years ago. Through that North West Adventure was born!

Describe a typical day in the life of North West Adventure?

Summer time – first thing check the weather – meet the instructors discuss the groups we are expecting that day and their activities. We discuss any issues or concerns and plan to keep our adventure participants safe and having lots of fun. Get the gear out and be ready to rock with our participants. Meet the group introduce the instructors. Get everybody kitted out and briefed for their activity. Get out on activity and have a great day. Get everybody back and warmed up. A quick cup of tea and a bite to eat. Then it’s back out and do it all again.

What is your favorite Activity?

Scrambling in the mountains.

What has been your best achievement?

Becoming a level 3 kayak instructor.

What is your hobbies/past-time?

Singing playing the guitar and chatting with my friends.

Coffee or Ice-Cream?

Coffee in the morning and Ice-Cream after dinner!


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