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The Stages Of Planning A Stag Party

The Ultimate Guide To Awesome Stag Party Ideas


Traditionally, stag parties are seen as very low-maintenance affairs; the lads, a few high stools in your favourite pub, pints and maybe a stripper – this is often thought of as the height that stag party ideas reach.

However, in recent years, the idea of a stag party as something that deserves some planning and fan-fair is becoming more and more popular. Sitting in Stringfellows until 4 in the morning nursing a warm cider is no longer acceptable, my friends.

It’s 2016 and it’s time to upscale. Stags are stepping up their game when planning their last night of freedom, and why shouldn’t they? Ya’ll deserve it! So with that in mind, we here at Stagit have taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of the best, funniest, most unbelievably awesome stag party ideas for your reading pleasure. (We’re too good to ye, we know!)

Grab a beer, a pen, a bit of paper and read on for some insight into the best-of-the-best of stag party ideas!

Stag Party Ideas: Themes

When it comes to stag party ideas, the simplest and most well-known way to mix things up is with a theme. Themes are great because not only do they make you stand out from the crowd (easier to find a drunken pal gone AWOL if he’s dressed in a pink leotard), but you’ll knock the best of craic out of them as well. Read on to find out Stagit’s top theme picks for stag parties.

This is fairly self-explanatory: yourself and the lads, done up like your grandads. What’s not to love about that?!

All you’ll really need for this is some trouser-braces, loafers, a grandad jumper, a grey wig and some old-man glasses. If you really want to commit, you can buy some stick-on moustaches and ta-da! A bunch of grandpas-gone-wild.



source: http://hennyproud.tumblr.com/

Men’s fashion has gone from handsome to hippy to hipster all in the last 100 years, meaning there’s no shortage of eras for theme-inspo.

Class it up with some Al Capone suits and cigars if you have a soft spot for the 1920s, or spread peace and love in some flower-covered flares if the 70s is more your style. The choices are endless!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the stag dressed as Superman! Everybody loves a good superhero costume, even if some lads are too hard to admit as much (we know you secretly adore the Avengers mate!)

There are myriad superheroes for your friends to choose from, so no matter the group size, this is a theme that has the potential to keep everyone happy.

Just don’t forget that you can’t actually fly after a few tequilas – nobody wants to end their stag do in A&E.

source: http://en.paperblog.com/


Again, this is an all-encompassing theme, easy to follow and cost-effective.

Some fake beards, rubber axes, woolly hats, plaid shirts, and boots – et voila! A group of hardy lumberjacks ready to chop some trees before taking on a mammoth session in the pub.

Suit Up!
Fans of How I Met Your Mother will already be familiar with this concept, but you don’t need to have seen it to take part!

Suiting up is all about donning your best suit, shirt, tie and shoes and taking on the stag party like the badass-mofos you all are.

Literally all you need for this is a suit, but you can jazz it up a bit by adding cigars, nice whiskey tumblers, personalised invitations etc.

source: giphy.com

Stag Party Ideas: Locations

Leaving your home-town for a weekend of festivities has always been amongst the more popular stag party ideas, but the locations rarely vary. We’ve hand-picked the towns and cities not by popularity but by entertainment factor, because popular doesn’t always mean good!

This list contains a healthy mix of national and international destinations, so whether you’ve got a national road-trip or a Hangover-style Vegas break in mind, there’s certainly something on here to suit you.

Mullingar is a town located in County Westmeath, in the heart of the Midlands. It is fast becoming a go-to destination for stags in search of a wild weekend. If you’re looking for a craic-filled stag weekend, then Mullingar is the stag party location for you! Take on dinner and drinks at the Greyhound Track, have a shot at paint-balling or play a round of golf to make the most of your time here. In the evening, Mullingar has a massive list of pubs to choose from, as well as late bars and nightclubs, so there’s no excuse not to have a good night lads! A full list of Stagit packages available here.

Westport is a coastal town in Co. Mayo, the home of Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick. Westport is an excellent stag party location due to its popularity with tourists; there’ll always be new and interesting people to talk to in the pub! The town is home to one of the best golf-courses in Ireland, as well as infinite fishing spots and sailing opportunities. Westport is the perfect stag party location for any lad looking to have a chilled-out weekend spent bonding with his best buddies. By night, the town has many lively pubs and bars and you’re guaranteed to stay entertained until the wee hours of the morning. Full list of Stagit packages for Westport are available here.

Killarney is a charming town in Co.Kerry, the ideal destination for anyone looking to add a little bit of culture to their weekend of drunken antics! Killarney is home to one of Ireland’s six National Parks, as well as attractions such as the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and the Gap of Dunloe, so there’s no shortage of things to fill up your stag weekend with. If sightseeing doesn’t strike you as fun, why not try a round of bumper football, clay shooting or kayaking to work up at thirst for the big night out? By night, Killarney comes alive with a fantastic selection of traditional and modern pubs and bars for you to choose from. Full list of Stagit packages to Killarney available here.

Carlingford is a coastal town in County Louth. The location is steeped in history, dating all the way back to the Norman invasion. There is a lengthy list of interesting things to see and do here, and the town is an especially great spot for any stags that love the water. Stag parties will never really run out of activities to enjoy in Carlingford. Besides activities on water, you and the lads can enjoy rock climbing, zorbing, laser combat, horseback riding, golfing, and a lot of other fun filled activities on land. In the evening, settle into one of Carlingford’s charming pubs and start your pub crawl off right! Full list of Stagit packages to Carlingford available here.

The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a center of culture, history and the arts. Many festivals take place in the city throughout the year, which is something to consider when picking dates! Edinburgh has a massive selection of both daytime activities and nightlife spots for you to enjoy. Choose from things like 4×4 off-road driving, quad biking or hovercraft riding. By night, undertake a pub crawl with your lads around Scotland’s capital. Edinburgh is well-equipped to give you an absolutely unforgettable stag night. Let us know how the haggis tastes! Full list of Stagit packages to Edinburgh available here

All you need is love… and a stag that’s up for anything! Liverpool, a city famed for its musical connections (the birthplace of the Beatles, anyone?), is definitely a destination to consider when planning your stag night. Supporters of the Liverpool team can treat themselves to a visit to Anfield Stadium by day; Everton fans can try their hands at quad biking, bumper soccer or paintballing! By night, take your pick of Liverpool’s various pubs, clubs and bars, hitch a ride on the party bus, or enjoy a casino or comedy night. Full list of Stagit packages to Liverpool is available here!

Why-aye pet! Newcastle is a city notorious for its party scene, made famous by the antics of the Geordie Shore crew. Bustling, energetic and full of choices for stag party entertainment, Newcastle is a solid choice for any upcoming hen weekend. Enjoy some indoor go-karting or a trip on the party boat to make the most of your trip. Whatever you decide to do, you can guarantee that Newcastle won’t let you down. Let’s get mortal! Full list of Stagit packages for Newcastle is available here

Las Vegas
When you think of the term stag weekend it’s hard not to think of the famous film “The Hangover”, and it’s not hard to understand why; those lads knew how to party! Vegas is the party-capital of the world. Casinos, strip-clubs and bars make up the bulk of the Las Vegas strip, guaranteeing a good time for any stag party lucky enough to visit. The activities for a Vegas stag-do are pretty self-explanatory. Think piles of casino chips, champagne, hot tubs and maybe even a cheeky stripper or six. 😉 Full list of Stagit packages to Vegas is available here

The capital city of Latvia, Riga is one of Eastern Europe’s hottest destinations for a weekend away. Its centre is protected and preserved as a World Heritage Site, meaning there’s no end to interesting sites to see and things to discover about the city. Riga has a host of unusual activities to offer, such as bobsledding, walking tours of Old Town and paragliding. Whatever you choose to fill your day with, make sure you work up enough of a thirst before you head out! Riga has a fabulous selection of nightlife, with endless late bars to pick from. Cheers lads! Full list of Stagit packages to Riga available here

The capital city of Catalonia, Spain, Barcelona is an excellent destination to hold your stag fiesta! Take the opportunity to wander down Las Ramblas and drink in the vibrant, electric atmosphere of a city famed for its culture. Enjoy the lively nightlife scene, with a huge selection of pubs, bars and clubs to choose from. For soccer fans, there is the option to visit FC Barcelona’s home stadium, the Camp Nou. Try your arm at parasailing, baby-bull running or a banana boat ride to work up a thirst for the evening. By night, Barcelona really comes alive, with endless venues to hit on your pub crawl. Full list of Stagit packages to Barcelona is available here

Stag Party Ideas: Accommodation

When organising a stag party, the accommodation often gets overlooked as “just a place to sleep” – as long as nobody has to share beds and the place is relatively close to the pub, many stag parties don’t mind what type of housing they’re in.

However, here at Stagit we know that accommodation means so much more than that. Decent stag party accommodation can be the difference between an excellent night and a terrible one. It can be the difference between a mild headache and the mother of all hangovers.

In short, it’s a pretty important factor of stag parties. So, to help you out when choosing, we’ve put together a short, handy little guide to the different types of stag party accommodation. Choose wisely!

source: giphy.com

Self-Catering Apartments
Self-catering apartments and houses do exactly what it says on the tin. You pay for the privilege of an apartment or house for the weekend and you get the run of it to yourselves.

Feed yourselves, entertain yourselves, bring back new friends you made while drunk, and make as much noise and mess as you like (as long as you clean it up before you leave!).

The reason self-catering is so popular is because there are liberties and freedoms that you just won’t get in other types of accommodation.


Pub-Style Accommodation
The beauty of pub-style accommodation is that you don’t have far to travel to or from the session – it’s right next to you! Pubs are the home of craic, so it’s only natural that staying in a pub can be excellent fun.

Pub-style accommodation is perfect for groups that don’t plan on sleeping too much, as well as providing a residents’ bar for post-nightclub shenanigans.

The pub-owners are generally friendly, hospitable people and they’ll usually go above and beyond to look after guests who deserve it… So maybe give any really inexcusable debauchery a miss during your stay.

B&Bs are like a home-away-from-home, making them ideal for any mammy’s boys who are used to their home comforts. You can stumble back to a cozy, immaculate room after the night’s session, sleep off the drink, and wake up to breakfast ready and waiting for you. What’s not to love?!

B&B’s also tend to be small and exclusive, with a limited number of guests at any one time. This means that there’s less of a chance that anything will happen to your luggage when no one from your group is around, and it also means that the owner will have more time to shower your group with hospitality. Nice one.

awesome stag party ideasHoliday Homes
Usually located on the seafront, holiday homes are ideal for the water-baby stag. They provide the perfect base-camp for an adventurous stag party group.

If you’ve chosen a seafront holiday home, you’re going to be located close to lots of water-sports activities and fishing spots, adding a more wholesome dimension to the usual drunken degeneracy of a stag weekend!

Another lovely aspect of a holiday home is the opportunity to simply sit and enjoy the great outdoors – most holiday homes provide patios or an outdoor seating area, a perfect little set-up for a BBQ and beer to start the stag party off the right way.

3/4-Star Hotels
This type of accommodation is the height of luxury when it comes to stag parties. Ideal for men who are used to their creature comforts, you can be guaranteed the best of the best in a hotel… as long as you’re well-behaved, that is!

Hotels tend to take a lot less crap off unruly guests than other types of accommodation as they’re usually dealing with a huge number of guests every day. But if you can keep your crew under control, then a hotel is definitely worth splurging on.

Hotels are the Promised Land of stag dos – after a long, arduous night of partying and pricking around in the town, a pristine hotel room with a hot shower and fresh sheets can be just like heaven.

source: giphy.com

Stag Party Ideas: Activities

The activity is (besides the inevitable pub-crawl) the main event of a stag party – so best choose the right one, pal! The world is awash with stag party activities, with something to suit literally every stag on the planet. It’s just a matter of doing the research.

Luckily, here at Stagit we know it’s a bit of a trek to go researching stag party activities when all you have on your mind is a nice, cold pint… so we did the leg-work for you. Listed below is a comprehensive rundown of the best stag party activities we could find.

Paintballing has long been a staple activity for groups of lads, whether it’s a stag-do or a birthday party. Paintballing is not only excellent craic but it’s also a great opportunity for bonding, and a good ice-breaker; it’s hard to be awkward around someone that you’ve spent an entire afternoon pelting with paintballs!

source: http://www.cravetv.ca/

Race Day
Why not treat yourself and the lads to a day at the races? You (ideally) only get one stag party, so you may as well do it in style – suit up, grab your wallets and spend the day backing the gee-gees while sipping on pints. Perfection!

Casino Night
Raise the stakes for your stag party and organise a casino night as your activity. A bit of a flutter never hurt anyone (within reason!) and a night at the poker table or the roulette wheel is the ideal lads’ activity. (Tip: Just make sure everyone invited to the stag party doesn’t have any issues with gambling addiction before you go ahead with this one.)

Camping is easily the greatest male-bonding activity ever invented. Roughing it in the woods for a night, with nothing but the lads, some beers and the great outdoors for entertainment – sounds like heaven to us! Team this with the Lumberjack theme for the craic.

Small stag parties, we’ve got your back! The humble road-trip only really works out for groups of 5-6 or less, depending on the size of your car. Follow in the footsteps of the Hangover crew and organise a cross-country roadtrip for your stag party, destination Craic-ville (a.k.a. the pub, but in Galway instead of your hometown.).

Bumper Balls
A relatively new addition to the world of stag party ideas, bumper football is fast becoming one of the most popular stag party activities, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s the best craic anyone can have while encased in a gigantic blow-up ball!

Booze Cruise
A moonlight booze cruise is an excellent way to celebrate a stag party without going too overboard (get it?!). Spend the evening lounging on the deck with a beer in your hand, having the best of craic with the lads. Sounds like a recipe for the perfect night! The Shannon River Cruise comes complete with a state-of-the-art sound-system and light machine, providing all the essentials for you and your party to have a great night. Happy sailing!

Sports are always a good go-to activity when it comes to stag party ideas. From football to 4×4 driving, white-water rafting to wind-surfing, there’s a sport to suit every stag and a long list to choose from, especially if you book with Stagit! If you’re unsure about the activity and don’t want to go out on a limb, then a game or lesson in any sport is always a good fallback.

Stag Party Ideas: Games

Often something that gets disregarded as “a lot of effort” on a stag party, games are actually the ultimate in lad-entertainment.. when they’re done right!

Look, we’re not gonna recommend pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or Never Have I Ever – that’s the kind of buzz you’d expect at a bridal shower, not a stag do! We went out and gathered together the top 5 stag-party-friendly games for you guys to have a shot at (all alcohol-related, of course). Have a read and see what tickles your fancy.

source: buzzfeed.com

Okay, so this is pretty much just Battleship… but with shots instead of ships. And best of all, it requires little or no effort! You just need 2 pizza boxes, some shot glasses, alcohol and a permanent marker to assemble this one. Map out your grids on the box and take a look at this handy step-by-step guide on how to play. 


Banned Words: The Bridegroom Edition
The nub and gist of this game is to pick some words or phrases (e.g. “groom”, the bride’s name, “pints” etc) and ban them for the evening. The unfortunate person to utter one of the words first must take a shot and don a ridiculous hat, pair of glasses, a veil etc. until the next person slips.

source: giphy.com

source: http://diply.com/article/bartender/easy-drinking-games

Shot Roulette
This one does exactly what it says on the tin. Grab a heap of shot glasses, fill a small portion with water and the rest with various alcoholic substances. Place the shots in a circular formation and use an empty beer bottle as the arrow. Take turns spinning the bottle and down your poison!

An oldie but a goodie, Kings has been played at pretty much every house party and drinking session since its inception. Everybody is probably familiar with the game, but just in case you’re not or there’s some dispute over the rules, here’s a list of some solid, general rules to play by. Good luck lads!

source: buzzfeed.com

Mega Beer Pong
It’s just like regular beer pong, but HUGE! This game requires some prior preparation, so if you’re going to play it then make sure you’re willing to put in the effort. You’ll need some large containers/barrels that are open-top, red paint and a football. Set up outside and play by normal rules, with the exception of downing a regular-sized beer when someone scores against you (because obviously nobody is going to be able to down a barrel of beer… we hope!)



Stag Party Ideas: DIY Party Favours

Party favours are definitely not something that’s widely done when it comes to stag dos – party favours would perhaps be considered non-masculine or pointlessly frivolous…. But not these ones! These party favours are not only useful, but they’re also the easiest DIY party favours known to man, so there’s no excuse not to give your groomsmen a gift with a personal touch. Grab the hot glue gun and get cracking lads!

JD Bouquet
If your groomsmen have expensive taste and aren’t the flowers-and-chocolates type *ahem*, then this bouquet is the perfect party favour for them. Simply purchase some mini bottles of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam Bourbon or any other liquor of your choice and follow this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make it.


Hangover Kit

Be the hero of your own stag party and prep some Hangover Kits to hand out the morning after the night before. Be sure to include water, painkillers, gum, snacks, vitamins and anything else you think the lads might need to nurse their sore heads the next day.

Cigars and Tumblers
Out of all of the DIY stag party ideas on this list, this one is definitely the classiest. Nab some up-scale cigars and decent whiskey tumblers for your groomsmen as a little way of saying thank-you for being there.

Customised Sunglasses
Grab a TipEx pen and some Penneys sunglasses for this one! All it requires is a steady hand and the names of your guests; just write their individual names onto one arm of the glasses and “(Name)’s Stag Party 2016” on the other arm, et voilá! Personalised stag party favours without the fuss.

Alcoholic Party Favours
Send the lads home with some keepsakes that won’t make them cringe or call you a pansy by prepping some mixer-drinks for them (tutorial here). Attach a mini-liquor bottle of your choice to a mason jar, insert a can of mixer e.g. Coke or 7Up, and hand them out to your guests.



Stag Party Ideas: DIY Stag Do Survival Kit

Stag parties usually don’t involve too much fuss; men tend to lean more towards the simplicity of going out and getting drunk, as opposed to putting any thought into frivolities such as party favours or decorations. While we at Stagit can respect this, we simply cannot ignore the fact that there’s a massive amount of brilliant stag party ideas waiting to be put in motion. One such brilliant idea is the DIY Stag Do Survival Kit. For anyone who’s been to a stag party, we all know they can get a little… chaotic. Drink gets spilled, lads go AWOL and everyone wakes up worse for wear. So, why not throw your boys together a mini survival kit to ensure they come out the other side of your stag party alive? As far as DIY stag party ideas go, this one is the cream-of-the-crop. It takes minimal effort but has maximum effect. Below, we’ve put together a list of suggestions for your survival kits.

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit


Mini bottles of alcohol
Provide your pals with a tiny, shot-sized bottle of their individual favourite alcohol to add a personal touch! Or, pick something like Jagermeister, throw in a can of Red Bull each, et voila – Jagerbombs all round.

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Class it up and make your grooms-men feel like gangsters with a high-end cigar for each of them. Cigars are a fantastic little party favour for your guests to enjoy, and it’ll make them feel special. You want the lads to feel special, don’t you?!

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Wet Wipes
For any sticky situations that may occur throughout the night, it’s always good to keep a packet of wet wipes handy. Food dropping, drink spillage, vomit-related incidents… wet wipes are just common sense. They will also come in surprisingly useful for wiping the shame off your face the next morning when you can’t crawl to the shower.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Don’t be a fool and wrap your tool lads. What happens on the stag party doesn’t always stay on the stag party, unfortunately (looking at you, chlamydia) and in this day and age unprotected sex is really just silly and inexcusable. Do the single lads a solid and slip some rubbers into their kits. 

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Paracetamol and Water
Stick a couple of paracetamol in the kit in anticipation for the next morning. A lot of sore heads will be silently thanking you as they wash their painkillers down with half a gallon of water, expressions of utter relief on their tired faces. You’re such a good friend!

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Just because one of you is getting hitched doesn’t mean the lads can’t go on the pull. However, no self-respecting young man would ever attempt to chat up anyone with smelly pint-breath, or – god forbid – pukey breath. You probably don’t particularly want to get a whiff of that either! A packet of gum in everyone’s kits is just generally a wise idea. 

Buss Buddies Booking

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Taxi numbers
Before you set off on your stag weekend, first you must do a little bit of research. Make a list of a couple of taxi services in the area you’ll be partying in, and make sure everybody has a copy of them – that way if anybody goes AWOL, they won’t be lost in an unfamiliar place with no idea how to get back to the accommodation. It works a whole lot better than the buddy system!

Throw some snacks into the Survival Kit in case anyone gets peckish during pre-drinks. Snacks are also guaranteed to improve hangover-induced narkiness by at least 80%.*
*(fact extracted from personal experiences with vodka-hangovers and multi-packs of crisps.)


stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Disposable camera
Nowadays, there’s no fun in spontaneous photos. At the touch of a button you can see the picture straight away, taking the mystery out of seeing photos after a wild night. Give all of your grooms-men a disposable camera to use up during the party. Send them all off to be developed, meet up in the pub the next week and have a good laugh at the state of yourselves. 

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Body Spray/Deodorant
Packing in a little can of deodorant is never a bad idea, especially when taking on a stag party of epic proportions. Make sure nobody is dancing all night with pit-stains on their good shirt by providing them with the solution before they even need it. (Note: may come in handy the next day for those of you too ill to partake in bathing. We’ve all been there.)

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

So, now that you know what you’ve got your survival kits sorted out, it’s time to book the wildest night of your life so they can be put to use! Go ahead and get in touch with us so we can start planning a stag party that you’ll never forget. 

If we’ve piqued your curiosity for all things stag-party, have a look at our list of Embarrassing Stag Party Ideas to gain a little inspiration for the big weekend.

All GIFS courtesy of giphy.com.

Ruining a Stag Party – The Easy Way

Planning a stag is easy right?? What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot actually.  It takes time, effort and months of planning in advance. One or many mistakes can ruin the weekend for the groom and all attending! And let’s not don’t forget the wrath of bridezilla who never really fell in love with her fiance’s mates anyway! The Stag is not an ending point either. Remember that messing it up and you’ll have to face the same people a short time later at the wedding too. So why not follow these few easy steps and make the groom’s last day of freedom his and your worst nightmare! Follow these steps and you will be ruining a stag party!

Step 1 – Don’t read, print or bring the Itinerary.

Everything has been planned out, you have the whole timetable made of where you have to be and at what time. This one document is your key to success but you either lose the itinerary or don’t bother to read or print it out! (This actually happens) Now, you have no idea on where you have to go, where you are staying  or what activities you are booked in for.  You also have no contact details for your organisers because all the emergency details were written on the itinerary! Much like rocking up to an airport with only a passport in your back pocket and no idea where you are flying to or which airline your are booked with. Are you even at the right airport?? This is the perfect start for ruining a stag party weekend. Get this one right and there may be no recovery.

Probability: Rare

Recoverability: Not Likey


Step 2 – Inviting People the Groom doesn’t want to be there. 

Ruining a stag party - not groom advisedWhen you are making a list of who to invite on the stag do, just remember not to ask the groom on who to invite. Just invite anyone and everyone there is, maybe include the groom’s brother-in-law or father in law  to be so he doesn’t enjoy the Stag at all or even get close to ‘cutting loose’ for fear of constant everlasting disapproval. This is a good way to make the situation awkward! This will definitely have some laughs for you and the boys but poor groom-to-be will suffer for the rest of the life. You might also want to invite the groom’s arch nemesis while you are at it. What can go worse? May the best man(no pun intended) win! A lad fight, extra beneficial for ruining a stag party. Probably best to cancel the stripper at this stage too.

Probability: Sometimes

Recoverability: Not Likey


Step 3 – Taking tell-tale pictures of the groomruining a stag party - click pics

Let’s say you decide to keep the stripper, you should have your camera’s ready while the groom parties with a naked lady running around. Post it on your Facebook and that’s it, you have done the best thing you can do for ruining a stag party and possibly the upcoming wedding also! Nothing is worse than having an angry bride-to-be and a hungover groom screaming at each other after the night’s activities!

Probability: Happens sometimes (alcohol impairs judgement) 

Recoverability: Not Likey


Getting the most unorganised person to organise the stag party

Another perfect way to ruin a stag party is by asking the most irresponsible person to organise it. Sure, the groom’s best man is the one that organises the stag party, but let’s face it if he is a bright as a 20-watt lightbulb, things may not go well. Choose some other more organised mates as groomsmen to help things run a little more smoothly.  It’s not like there is anyone that can help you at all, so why even bother asking. Just become the boss at ruining a stag party.

Probability: Happens a lot

Recoverability: Medium


Have a stag party one day before the wedding. 

Why not organise your stag party before the day of the wedding! Two things can ruin a stag party here:

  1. The groom will just not drink or get hungover, so you are back to square one, no fun, just be sober.
  2.  Just show up drunk to the wedding day! I guarantee you that the bride will appreciate a red-eyed monster standing in front of her, unable to even say ‘I do.’

#stagpartyruined #weddingdayruinedtoo

Kill two stones with one bird!

Let me tell you, no amount of water will help you get over that hangover! The punishment for the groom will last forever.

Probability: Happens Rarely (only on bad TV shows)

Recoverability: Never


Planning Too Much 

Plan a heap of activities for your stag! FootGolf  in the morning, Go Karting in the afternoon (miss this one as the group start drinking at lunch – money wasted as non-refundable), getting super drunk in the afternoon and just being plain dead at night. Next morning, after you have puked or maybe are still getting over your hangover, just go for 2 hours of off road driving lessons! Sounds like a perfect way to ruin a stag party.  It’s great fun, watching the lads stop the cars every five minutes because they want to puke their guts out! Pacing yourself is for wimps.

Probability: Happens a lot

Recoverability: Good

ruining a stag party - overplanning

Damaging the hotel property

ruining a stag party - who gives a shitOkay, so it’s your night out, the ULTIMATE lads night out! You are celebrating the last night of freedom, it’s obvious you can do whatever you want to! Ruining a stag party couldn’t be easier at this stage! You can ruin it by damaging the accommodation you are staying in, whether a hotel or a B&B. Of course, the biggest trouble will arise when the hotel staff refuses to pay you the security deposit! What then? Nothing much, just a plain old fight between the hotel staff and half awake, fully drunken messes. Don’t forget, not only the stag has been ruined, you have also added cost to the hotel as well! Win-Win situation and you’ll be super popular at the wedding as well… after you’ve been fired as best man.

Okay Okay, enough of these lovely takes based on actual real stag parties! Avoid these situations and we guarantee you that you and your friends will have an amazing stag! Book with us at Stagit.ie and we will ensure that you have to do little as possible and just spend time having fun.


gifs credits: giphy.com




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