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The Stages Of Planning A Stag Party

The Ultimate Guide To Awesome Stag Party Ideas


Stag Party Ideas: DIY Stag Do Survival Kit

Stag parties usually don’t involve too much fuss; men tend to lean more towards the simplicity of going out and getting drunk, as opposed to putting any thought into frivolities such as party favours or decorations. While we at Stagit can respect this, we simply cannot ignore the fact that there’s a massive amount of brilliant stag party ideas waiting to be put in motion. One such brilliant idea is the DIY Stag Do Survival Kit. For anyone who’s been to a stag party, we all know they can get a little… chaotic. Drink gets spilled, lads go AWOL and everyone wakes up worse for wear. So, why not throw your boys together a mini survival kit to ensure they come out the other side of your stag party alive? As far as DIY stag party ideas go, this one is the cream-of-the-crop. It takes minimal effort but has maximum effect. Below, we’ve put together a list of suggestions for your survival kits.

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit


Mini bottles of alcohol
Provide your pals with a tiny, shot-sized bottle of their individual favourite alcohol to add a personal touch! Or, pick something like Jagermeister, throw in a can of Red Bull each, et voila – Jagerbombs all round.

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Class it up and make your grooms-men feel like gangsters with a high-end cigar for each of them. Cigars are a fantastic little party favour for your guests to enjoy, and it’ll make them feel special. You want the lads to feel special, don’t you?!

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Wet Wipes
For any sticky situations that may occur throughout the night, it’s always good to keep a packet of wet wipes handy. Food dropping, drink spillage, vomit-related incidents… wet wipes are just common sense. They will also come in surprisingly useful for wiping the shame off your face the next morning when you can’t crawl to the shower.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Don’t be a fool and wrap your tool lads. What happens on the stag party doesn’t always stay on the stag party, unfortunately (looking at you, chlamydia) and in this day and age unprotected sex is really just silly and inexcusable. Do the single lads a solid and slip some rubbers into their kits. 

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Paracetamol and Water
Stick a couple of paracetamol in the kit in anticipation for the next morning. A lot of sore heads will be silently thanking you as they wash their painkillers down with half a gallon of water, expressions of utter relief on their tired faces. You’re such a good friend!

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Just because one of you is getting hitched doesn’t mean the lads can’t go on the pull. However, no self-respecting young man would ever attempt to chat up anyone with smelly pint-breath, or – god forbid – pukey breath. You probably don’t particularly want to get a whiff of that either! A packet of gum in everyone’s kits is just generally a wise idea. 

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stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Taxi numbers
Before you set off on your stag weekend, first you must do a little bit of research. Make a list of a couple of taxi services in the area you’ll be partying in, and make sure everybody has a copy of them – that way if anybody goes AWOL, they won’t be lost in an unfamiliar place with no idea how to get back to the accommodation. It works a whole lot better than the buddy system!

Throw some snacks into the Survival Kit in case anyone gets peckish during pre-drinks. Snacks are also guaranteed to improve hangover-induced narkiness by at least 80%.*
*(fact extracted from personal experiences with vodka-hangovers and multi-packs of crisps.)


stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Disposable camera
Nowadays, there’s no fun in spontaneous photos. At the touch of a button you can see the picture straight away, taking the mystery out of seeing photos after a wild night. Give all of your grooms-men a disposable camera to use up during the party. Send them all off to be developed, meet up in the pub the next week and have a good laugh at the state of yourselves. 

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

Body Spray/Deodorant
Packing in a little can of deodorant is never a bad idea, especially when taking on a stag party of epic proportions. Make sure nobody is dancing all night with pit-stains on their good shirt by providing them with the solution before they even need it. (Note: may come in handy the next day for those of you too ill to partake in bathing. We’ve all been there.)

stag party ideas: DIY survival kit

So, now that you know what you’ve got your survival kits sorted out, it’s time to book the wildest night of your life so they can be put to use! Go ahead and get in touch with us so we can start planning a stag party that you’ll never forget. 

If we’ve piqued your curiosity for all things stag-party, have a look at our list of Embarrassing Stag Party Ideas to gain a little inspiration for the big weekend.

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Ruining a Stag Party – The Easy Way

Planning a stag is easy right?? What could possibly go wrong? Well, a lot actually.  It takes time, effort and months of planning in advance. One or many mistakes can ruin the weekend for the groom and all attending! And let’s not don’t forget the wrath of bridezilla who never really fell in love with her fiance’s mates anyway! The Stag is not an ending point either. Remember that messing it up and you’ll have to face the same people a short time later at the wedding too. So why not follow these few easy steps and make the groom’s last day of freedom his and your worst nightmare! Follow these steps and you will be ruining a stag party!

Step 1 – Don’t read, print or bring the Itinerary.

Everything has been planned out, you have the whole timetable made of where you have to be and at what time. This one document is your key to success but you either lose the itinerary or don’t bother to read or print it out! (This actually happens) Now, you have no idea on where you have to go, where you are staying  or what activities you are booked in for.  You also have no contact details for your organisers because all the emergency details were written on the itinerary! Much like rocking up to an airport with only a passport in your back pocket and no idea where you are flying to or which airline your are booked with. Are you even at the right airport?? This is the perfect start for ruining a stag party weekend. Get this one right and there may be no recovery.

Probability: Rare

Recoverability: Not Likey


Step 2 – Inviting People the Groom doesn’t want to be there. 

Ruining a stag party - not groom advisedWhen you are making a list of who to invite on the stag do, just remember not to ask the groom on who to invite. Just invite anyone and everyone there is, maybe include the groom’s brother-in-law or father in law  to be so he doesn’t enjoy the Stag at all or even get close to ‘cutting loose’ for fear of constant everlasting disapproval. This is a good way to make the situation awkward! This will definitely have some laughs for you and the boys but poor groom-to-be will suffer for the rest of the life. You might also want to invite the groom’s arch nemesis while you are at it. What can go worse? May the best man(no pun intended) win! A lad fight, extra beneficial for ruining a stag party. Probably best to cancel the stripper at this stage too.

Probability: Sometimes

Recoverability: Not Likey


Step 3 – Taking tell-tale pictures of the groomruining a stag party - click pics

Let’s say you decide to keep the stripper, you should have your camera’s ready while the groom parties with a naked lady running around. Post it on your Facebook and that’s it, you have done the best thing you can do for ruining a stag party and possibly the upcoming wedding also! Nothing is worse than having an angry bride-to-be and a hungover groom screaming at each other after the night’s activities!

Probability: Happens sometimes (alcohol impairs judgement) 

Recoverability: Not Likey


Getting the most unorganised person to organise the stag party

Another perfect way to ruin a stag party is by asking the most irresponsible person to organise it. Sure, the groom’s best man is the one that organises the stag party, but let’s face it if he is a bright as a 20-watt lightbulb, things may not go well. Choose some other more organised mates as groomsmen to help things run a little more smoothly.  It’s not like there is anyone that can help you at all, so why even bother asking. Just become the boss at ruining a stag party.

Probability: Happens a lot

Recoverability: Medium


Have a stag party one day before the wedding. 

Why not organise your stag party before the day of the wedding! Two things can ruin a stag party here:

  1. The groom will just not drink or get hungover, so you are back to square one, no fun, just be sober.
  2.  Just show up drunk to the wedding day! I guarantee you that the bride will appreciate a red-eyed monster standing in front of her, unable to even say ‘I do.’

#stagpartyruined #weddingdayruinedtoo

Kill two stones with one bird!

Let me tell you, no amount of water will help you get over that hangover! The punishment for the groom will last forever.

Probability: Happens Rarely (only on bad TV shows)

Recoverability: Never


Planning Too Much 

Plan a heap of activities for your stag! FootGolf  in the morning, Go Karting in the afternoon (miss this one as the group start drinking at lunch – money wasted as non-refundable), getting super drunk in the afternoon and just being plain dead at night. Next morning, after you have puked or maybe are still getting over your hangover, just go for 2 hours of off road driving lessons! Sounds like a perfect way to ruin a stag party.  It’s great fun, watching the lads stop the cars every five minutes because they want to puke their guts out! Pacing yourself is for wimps.

Probability: Happens a lot

Recoverability: Good

ruining a stag party - overplanning

Damaging the hotel property

ruining a stag party - who gives a shitOkay, so it’s your night out, the ULTIMATE lads night out! You are celebrating the last night of freedom, it’s obvious you can do whatever you want to! Ruining a stag party couldn’t be easier at this stage! You can ruin it by damaging the accommodation you are staying in, whether a hotel or a B&B. Of course, the biggest trouble will arise when the hotel staff refuses to pay you the security deposit! What then? Nothing much, just a plain old fight between the hotel staff and half awake, fully drunken messes. Don’t forget, not only the stag has been ruined, you have also added cost to the hotel as well! Win-Win situation and you’ll be super popular at the wedding as well… after you’ve been fired as best man.

Okay Okay, enough of these lovely takes based on actual real stag parties! Avoid these situations and we guarantee you that you and your friends will have an amazing stag! Book with us at Stagit.ie and we will ensure that you have to do little as possible and just spend time having fun.


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