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Golfing Belfast

Double Room…..Nightclub….Golfing


Nothing screams lack of creativity than spending a stag weekend drinking beer with your mates in some dull apartment. You will bore them- and yourself- and everyone else- to tears. Instead, make yours a stag night they will never forget by checking into one of the best hotels in Belfast. You will be offered excellent accommodation in such a relaxed ambience that it will be difficult for you to leave when your stay is over. These are the last minutes of your freedom so live it up!

1 round of golf

Instead of hanging around the hotel during the day wondering when nightfall will come, you can play one round of golf in Belfast’s finest golf clubs. The lush scenery and panoramic view will offer you great opportunities for sightseeing as you enjoy the gentleman’s game. Golfing will also give you a chance to unwind in preparation for the series of events ahead. This does not apply only to professionals; amateurs interested in golf can also have a lot of fun on the golf course and even benefit from a few pointers given to them by the pros in the field.


No matter how hard you party in the night, be sure to wake up in time for breakfast made in heaven. The menu is quite diverse and offers several unique dishes along with the local favorites. It does not matter therefore what kind of taste you have, you are sure to find something that you will like in the menu. Since it’s just you and the boys, there is no need to act the gentleman and you indulge as much as you want. Aaah…just like you’ve always wanted.

VIP nightclub entry

You are already staying in the capital of Northern entertainment, so just imagine what a VIP entry into a nightclub means. Double fun with a capital D! You can check into some of the best nightclubs and in each of them, you will be accorded waited on hand and foot by highly qualified and friendly staff. If you are not a celebrity, here is a chance to be one. Sample the best drinks and dance your heart out. The next chance you will get to party like this is…well… never?Enquire


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