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Quading in Carlingford

The perfect summer holiday destination for its sandy beaches, beauty, and medieval charm, it is not so surprising that Tommy Maken was inspired enough to write a song about it. Since it is a great setting for any getaway, the town of Carlingford became a popular stag do location as well particularly for stags that long for the sea and appreciate history.

If all that is not enough, this town also has a good number of the best beer gardens and clubs in Ireland. Stags can expect to have a wonderful time at night too or have a stag night that’s truly worth remembering. Choosing to have a stag weekend in this town will have a lot of perks.

Besides lazing around by the beach and enjoying beach related activities, you can also enjoy a number of stag do activities during daytime. Quading or four-wheeling in Carlingford can be one of those activities. A quad bike is meant to be able to handle all sorts of terrain. That means you can enjoy quading by the shore or any other part of the town. Aside from being a great and fun way to fully explore Carlingford, quading is also one of those stag do activities that will be a lot of fun no matter how many people you have in your group.

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