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Buggy Racing in Dublin

As the capital city of Ireland, you can expect Dublin to have everything that most major cities have. It does have shopping centers, sports stadiums, and even facilities for outdoor recreational activities. Just like other major cities, it is also alive during nighttime. That goes without saying it has a lively nightlife and great entertainment.

Dublin’s nightlife is mainly concentrated within two major nightlife areas – south of the River Liffey and Temple Bar. Stags that want to try pub crawling in a city that has over 600 pubs, those are the best spots to do that. Besides being great for any stag night or stag party, Dublin is also the perfect stag weekend destination. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy in this city like buggy racing.

You can enjoy off-road buggy racing in Dublin just a few kilometers from the city proper. Buggies used for off-road racing are built to be driven on all sorts of terrain. The people running the race track will usually provide all the necessary gear to make buggy racing a fun, but safe experience. That also includes full tuition, safety, and track briefing as well. The tracks provide a certain level of challenge and it is pretty sweet to drive around sideways on a buggy!

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