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Go Karting Package Dublin

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The hotel and breakfast services in Dublin are among the best not only in Europe but also in the entire world. The many hotels try to outdo each other much to the advantage of clients who enjoy superior services even in budget hotels. While in Dublin, always expect to get value for your money from the budget hotels to the five star hotels. Because competition is high in the hotel industry, this works perfectly for the client who is treated like a king.

Go Karting

Go karting is an activity that you do not want to miss when in Dublin. Different facilities in Dublin offer this activity to groups of as many as 50 persons. The maximum speeds in most Karts are 60 KM/H, which is adequate to offer you and your pals an exhilarating experience.   The karting experience is open to all people, which includes stag parties, corporate events and even family groups. Some of the favorite karting experiences offered include the children party special, the full grand prix, the endurance race, the mini Enduro, the mini grand prix and  the ‘arrive and drive’.

VIP strip club entry

The VIP strip club entry is usually a price higher than any ordinary entry into the strip club. However, the cost should be your motivation factor because with it comes an equally special treat. You will be treated to your own table and given a lovely guide, while in some clubs; drinks are given free to you and the ladies. In others, discounts are offered on all drinks. Lovely strippers show people on the VIP entry what strip clubs in Dublin have to offer all night. More advantages include queue-free entry, reserved tables and free entry to lap dance clubs.

VIP nightclub entry

The VIP nightclub entry assures you of VIP treatment throughout your night party. This means that you will not have to wait on long queues before getting into the nightclub, and you will have a table reserved for you and your party. In addition, the services at the nightclub will be fast and mess-free. Overall, the VIP entry into a strip club in Dublin will ensure that you will worry less about getting into clubs and that you only let ease up, enjoy the night, and make it memorable.


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