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Wroclaw Stag Party

Stag Party Wroclaw | Stag Weekend Wroclaw

Poland is one of those elusive countries that we know so much about but have yet to experience. With so many Polish people moving to these parts we experience bits and pieces of this country’s culture and we think that it is high time more of us went for a visit. There is no visit more memorable than a stag weekend or stag party so why not combine it with your curiosity in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

There are so many stag do activities open to you in this area. You could opt for a fast paced game of paintballing with the lads to help you work up a thirst or how about an afternoon of shooting? If these options don’t appeal then maybe the futuristic option of zorbing tickles your fancy? This padded human sized hamster ball is rolled downhill with you strapped into it! Trust us this is one thrill you won’t want to miss out on, just go easy on the pints beforehand!

The city of Wroclaw (pronounced Vrotslav by the way, don’t ask us why!) is a hotbed of sexy Slavic nightlife. Any stag weekend in this city is bound to be an epic experience. With enough strip bars to serve each member of the stag do individually and trendy nightclubs banging out the latest tunes until dawn we are confident that you will love your Polish stag party.

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