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Clay Shooting in Kilkenny

Kilkenny is known as a beautiful medieval city with lots of nightlife establishments with great craic. That is why it is among the top stag do destinations in Ireland. Besides its beauty and lively nightlife, Kilkenny is also known as the home of Kilkenny beer. Stags that love beer will definitely have a great time in this city. Those who choose to spend a stag weekend in this city will not regret their decision either as there are so many fun filled activities to enjoy like clay shooting.

Clay shooting, also known as Inanimate Bird Shooting is a great alternative to hunting. Hunting is restricted by licenses and seasons, but clay shooting is not. Yet, it provides the same level of challenge as hunting normal pigeons. At the same time, it is a greener alternative as no pigeon actually gets killed. In Kilkenny, you can stage a friendly competition among you and your companions and enjoy clay shooting.

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