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Clay Shooting in Kinsale

Adventure seekers along with history, food, music, and marine life lovers will have a great time in Kinsale. This fishing village has come a long way from its humble beginnings. This town, in County Cork, is now a famous tourist destination and known for being the Gourmet Capital of Ireland. Tourists regularly go to this town for its charming medieval feel, live entertainment, and marine life.

Since this fishing village really has a lot to offer, it is now a popular stag do destination as well. Stags that love body boarding, surfing, sailing, yachting, sea kayaking, and other water based activities will never run out of activities to enjoy in Kinsale. What’s more, this town is very much alive at night and has a lot of nightlife establishments to choose from.

If you ever get tired of all those water based activities and want something more relaxing on dry land, try clay shooting in Kinsale. Clay shooting or inanimate bird shooting is fun for stags that enjoy testing their accuracy and aim on moving targets. You can even have a bit of friendly competition between your companions and see who shoots the most clay pigeons over a certain amount of time.

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