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Buggy Racing in Letterkenny

Located by the River Swilly, Letterkenny is a popular tourist destination because of its nightlife. As a matter of fact, residents of nearby towns usually head to this town whenever they feel like having a great time at night. That’s why it is not so surprising that this town is among the most popular stag do destinations in Ireland.

Stags will usually prefer to spend their last night or moments of freedom doing what they love. In that respect, it is important to choose a stag do destination based on what stags love. It is a good thing that it is so easy for stags to love Letterkenny because it has a lively nightlife and facilities for most popular stag do activities.

Buggy racing is a common favorite of most stags because of a number of reasons. Lucky are those that choose Letterkenny as their stag do destination because they can have their fix in Letterkenny. This outdoor recreational activity is fun regardless of the group’s size. Furthermore, buggies tend to be more fun than go karts because it can go sideways and even bounce depending on the terrain. Racing with your peers can be exciting as well and you can even give away prizes to make victory even sweeter.

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