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Clay Shooting in Mullingar

Despite being a somewhat quiet town, Mullingar certainly appeals to people of certain interests. Anglers love it for its beautiful lakes that always have more than enough fish to go around. Those who love eating beef will love it for having the best beef steak in the country. At night, the town is also quite alive and there are plenty of nightlife establishments for great craic.

Instead of just spending a night in town, make it a weekend. A stag weekend in Mullingar can be a lot of fun because there are more than enough activities to keep you occupied during the day. Of course, when the evening comes, you can get a taste of this town’s nightlife. There are certain activities that are considered popular stag do activities and clay shooting is one of them.

Clay shooting or inanimate bird shooting is a popular sport for those who enjoy testing the precision and accuracy in shooting a moving target. For groups, it can even be a sort of competition to see who shoots down the most clay pigeons for the duration of that activity. Clay shooting in Mullingar can be a lot of fun. Furthermore, it is a great way to spend the day or before the nighttime comes.

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