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Buggy Racing in Sligo

Sligo is a very beautiful sea port and town located in northwest Ireland. There’s a reason why this town is called the Land of Heart’s Desire. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will definitely get their fix of natural wonders to see and explore. Other tourists usually go to this town to see its tourist attractions like the grave of one of Ireland’s well-love poets, W.B. Yeats, and other archaeological sites found in this town. The evening does not have to be so bad either because this town has a vibrant nightlife.

It is interesting to note that stags that can appreciate Sligo’s beauty and everything else it has to offer choose to have their stag night in this town. Better yet, some choose to spend their stag weekend in this town. It certainly has a lot to offer in terms of stag do activities just like buggy racing.

Instead of the usual go kart race, a buggy race is a lot more exciting for some that find it thrilling to drive sideways. A go kart cannot usually be driven that way. In addition, the race track also adds to that challenge. Buggies are made to be driven on all sorts of terrain and certain tracks can make the race a more challenging experience.

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