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Clay Shooting in Sligo

Known for its beautiful countryside and beaches, Sligo is a prominent tourist destination. It certainly has more to offer than just natural wonders as there are historical sites truly worth visiting in this town. If you think the nights in this town will be boring, think again. Sligo has a lot of pubs, clubs, and bars too to make sure that you can also have a great time at night.

All that said it is not shocking that this town is also a preferred stag do destination. There are certainly a good number of stags that enjoy the outdoors and would rather spend their last moments of freedom doing the things they love. To fully experience most of the things that this town has to offer, a stag weekend might be better.

Stags that choose to spend their stag weekend in Sligo might enjoy other sorts of activities when they are done hiking, strolling, or engaging in water sports like clay shooting. Clay pigeon shooting can be a lot of fun for stags that find it challenging to hit small moving targets. You do not even have to know how to use or have a shotgun to try it out. Tuition and all the necessary gear will be provided for.

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